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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Perilla oil Roasted Seaweed  [2015/03/17]
(Perilla oil Roasted Seaweed)
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Perilla oil Roasted Seaweed

Product Description

Perilla oil roasted seaweed (gim) is toasted with perilla oil, sprinkled with fine salt. Gim is known to be abundant in protein and vitamins, 
especially vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and B12. It is also known to have a high content of mineral salts, particularly iodine and iron, and essential amino acids 
and properties that dispose of cholesterol, earning its reputation as a "healthy food".

Product Feature

Perilla oil roasted seaweed is toasted with perilla oil. Perilla oil is very aromatic oil.
 Usually older people, age between 40~60, prefer perilla oil roasted seaweed. 

Product Specification / Models

Wasabi roasted seaweed 

1) 20g * 30pack

2) 5g * 3bundle * 24pack

3) 5g * 9bundle * 10pack

4) 5g * 16budle *  8pack

Other Information

- eat with a rice

 - eat as a snack

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Sahmyook Seafood company has been over 20 years. We produce mainly roasted seaweed, dry kelp, and brown seaweed. Our company's strong point is diversity.