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Doenjang-jjigae Seasoning Sauce  [2015/04/22]
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Doenjang-jjigae Seasoning Sauce

Convenient Sauce for Korean Cooking Novices

The Korean food producer Pulmuone has released a new sauce product that makes cooking doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew), a representative Korean dish, easy for any cooking novices, including foreigners. The new product comes in two types: Original Doenjang-jjiage Seasoning and Cheongyangcho Doenjang-jjiage Seasoning. The first of the two types features the delicious scent and taste of traditional doenjang-jjigae. The broth is made with manila clam and beef leg bones. The doenjang (soybean paste) is fermented for over four moths using a traditional method. The broth for Cheongyangcho Doenjang-jjigae Seasoning is cooked with various vegetables and seafood. In addition to doenjang, the sauce uses Cheongyang red pepper, which is famous in Korea for its spiciness. With this sauce, you can make a spicy doenjang-jjigae.






Cook Donejang-jjigae in the Blink of an Eye with Just a Few Vegetables and Tofu

According to Pulmuone, jjigae (stew) sauce products were very popular among the Japanese last year. In particular, the sauce products to cook Korean-style doenjang-guk (soybean paste soup) and kimchi-jjigae (kimchi stew) received a very positive response from local consumers. A member of the Pulmuone staff said, “With the doenjang-jjigae sauces of Pulmuone, some vegetables, and tofu; everyone―Korean or foreigner―can cook doenjang-jjigae in a simple and easy way.”




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