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sweetish, Soft, and Gummy Strips of Sweet Potato, New Allure of Sweet Potato  [2016/04/06]
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sweetish, Soft, and Gummy Strips of Sweet Potato, New Allure of Sweet Potato

sweetish, Soft, and Gummy Strips of Sweet Potato, New Allure of Sweet Potato


J&m Food System Offers High-Quality Processed Sweet Potato Products Made with 100 Percent Korean Pumpkin-Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potato, a food ingredient used in various ways worldwide, is a healthy food that is good for the health, skincare, and dieting. It is also a typical alkaline food containing various nutrients such as carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, beta carotene, and vitamin C. Thanks to these nutrients, sweet potato is known to strengthen the spleen and stomach and promote blood circulation. 

What’s more, sweet potato contains a vegetable fiber with the largest cholesterol capturing power of all the vegetables and fruits and is thus loved as a diet food. Finally, it is also good for skincare because it helps smooth defecation.

J&m Food System, a Korean food company, produces the baked sweet potato mallaengi (soft dried vegetable strips) made only with sweet potatoes and without other additives. The product is sold in the domestic market and exported overseas.




Hyunjine Hosiemo, Made by Cutting and Drying Baked Sweet Potatoes


Mallaengi is a Korean word meaning sliced and dried vegetables and fruits. Sweet potato mallaengi are made by cutting sweet potatoes into the size of an index finger and drying the strips. 

It is a nutritious snack that can be enjoyed conveniently at anytime and anywhere. In Japan, mallaengi are called hosiemo. Ms. Shin Young-min, a manager at J&m Food System, introduced J&m Food System as a family company run by herself and her husband and established under a basic principle, “We make food our children can eat with an easy mind.” She says, “We decided to give out sweet potato mallaengi product the brand name Hyunjine Hosiemo, which means that we make the product in the name of our daughter, Hyun-ji.”




Research into Optimal Drying Time Results in Superb Chewy Texture


J&m Food System was established as a food manufacturer in 2013. Previously, from 2011, the company was developing and exporting sweet potato ovens. After much thought and consideration put into finding a food product suitable for the company’s oven, the company succeeded in introducing the sweet potato mallangi product.

The greatest feature of the Hyunjine Hosiemo is its unique chewy texture. The jelly-like texture was born after numerous tests and samplings, and it is a charming combination of softness and chewiness. The secret is in the unique production process.

While many companies use boiled or steamed sweet potatoes to ensure a high yield, J&m Food System uses sweet potatoes baked uniformly in a self-developed ceramic far infrared baking machine. Ms. Shin explained that if a raw sweet potato is baked, the mallaengi from it become more savory, gummier, and sweeter. The company has also put a lot of effort into the drying step, which directly affects the texture and taste of the mallaengi product. Overall, the production process includes several steps: cleaning, baking, peeling, cutting, and drying the sweet potatoes, which are followed by low-temperature fermentation and packaging. Ms. Shin says, “The original taste and texture of Hyunjine Hosiemo are maintained even if the product is stored relatively long. That is because J&m Food System found the optimal drying time through much research and numerous experiments. The drying time is our most important business secret.”




Natural Food with No Addition of Sugar, Food Colorings, and Other Additives


The sweet potato mallaengi produced by J&m Food System is a natural product made only with sweet potatoes and without any sugar, additives, colorings, or preservatives. The company thus always pays extra attention to selecting sweet potatoes as an ingredient. 

It only uses Korean pumpkin-sweet potatoes, and chooses the firm ones with big tubers. The selected potatoes undergo a curing process through which their sugar content increases and the flesh becomes denser. Ms. Shin explained that the curing process is considered more important before January because newly-harvested sweet potatoes have a great amount of starch and are thus relatively low in sugar content.




Exported to Australia by Air


Hyunjine Hosiemo is sold in department stores, supermarkets, and online markets in Korea. It is also exported to Australia. To provide Australian consumers with the freshest products, the food company uses air transportation. Ms. Shin says, “We started exporting to Australia right after the product was released in 2013. Since then, we have kept receiving repeat orders without a single claim or complaint.” She sketched out the plan to pioneer other markets where the product can be supplied within the expiration date. 




Additional Information 


Various Sweet Potato Mallaengi Products of J&m Food System


Hyunjine Hosiemo comes in several types. Unlike other companies that produce only one type of mallaengi without distinction of shape or processing state, J&m Food System offers four types of the product: Sweetie, Chewy, Ugly, and Black.

Sweetie is the most jelly-like mallaengi. Chewy is made with the most chewable portion of the mallaengi. Ugly is the edge portions and the strips sorted out in the process of producing Sweetie and Chewy due to undesirable shapes. Black is made by forming a mousse-like texture and reprocessing the sweetest portions of baked sweet potatoes. The expiration date for all four types is set for one month during which the chewy texture remains the same.

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