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Raising the Nutritional Value with a Handful of Nuts a Day, Daily Nuts  [2016/08/04]
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Raising the Nutritional Value with a Handful of Nuts a Day, Daily Nuts

At 2014 SIAL CHINA held this past June in Shanghai, one product name was on the tongues of many Chinese buyers: the portable-sized Daily Nuts produced by S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. The concept of Daily Nuts is that of helping consumers have a handful of nuts (about 25g) a day, just as recommended by nutritionists around the world.
The novel idea has combined small-sized packaging with a healthy life-style, so many Chinese buyers showed a keen interest in Daily Nuts during the fair. 






Using Only the Top-Grade Ingredients for Consumer Health…Following the Hygiene Standards of Export Countries―the US, Europe, and Japan

Established in 1995, S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. is a Korean company specializing in nut production. Under the slogan “Producing Honest and Right Foods”, the company is making efforts to manufacture fresh, good quality nuts and supply them to overseas markets. For consideration of consumer health, all nut products of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. are made of top-grade ingredients. The company makes it a rule to follow the hygiene standards of its export countries such as the US, Europe, and Japan. What’s more, it has also obtained HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO certifications to guarantee high food safety.
Can Customize Exports on Demand…Supplying 10 Countries Including the US, Europe, and Japan
The strongest point of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. is customized exports. According to the preferences of consumers and demands of foreign buyers, the company can export a variety of nuts and chocolate-coated products. It can also wrap products in packages of different sizes―from small to large. The company is currently exporting nuts and chocolate-coated products to 10 countries: the US, Japan, China, the Netherlands, the UAE, and so on. The average annual export amount is about USD$9.8 million (KRW10 billion).







Hotseller: Daily Nuts

A variety of nuts―known to be good for brain development and prevention of adult diseases―are combined in Daily Nuts according to the golden ratio recommended to be eaten per day. Daily Nuts Original contains almonds, walnuts, cashews, and raisins. It is the flagship of the Daily Nuts line, but there are many other types of the product that add dried fruits and other ingredients to match the preferences of local consumers. These include blueberry, cranberry, cherry, black soybean, and so on. The product now comes in over ten flavors.
Daily Nuts Blueberry and Daily Nuts Cranberry contain berries that are well-known as super foods and are popular with young consumers because of the attractive scent and sweet taste. Daily Nuts Cherry uses cherries which are rich in vitamin C and fibers, so the product is particularly popular among young female consumers. Daily Nuts Black Soybean adds to the standard product black soybeans―a representative black food for which the demand is steadily increasing in the middle-age and senior consumer groups. Recently, S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. released a new version of Daily Nuts―Daily Nuts Yogurt. The newly launched product is also receiving a good response from consumers.
Daily Nuts products come in many different packages: small-sized (25g), boxes (5 or 10 of small-sized packages), and gift-sized (30, 50, or 60 small-sized packages).  








Plan to Expand Exports to the US and China

S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. is trying its best to expand its exports to the US and China. The company is first going to promote its Daily Nuts products in big Chinese supermarkets and convenience stores through a local corporation it established in Qingdao. In the US, the company will set up a branch office in the latter half of this year and develop nut products targeting American consumers.
Mr. Kim Won-gyo, the director of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. speaks of his aspiration, “Using our strongest points―customized exports, reliable quality, and high food safety―we’ll create a boom for Daily Nuts in overseas markets.”







Additional Information

Other Nut Brands of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd.

Other brands of nut products of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. include: SUN NUTS, Nuts Holic, and BARO. SUN NUTS is the flagship brand of the company: most nuts and chocolate-coated products of S.M.AGRI & FISHERIES Co., Ltd. are distributed in foreign countries under the SUN NUTS brand. Nuts Holic is the brand for online shopping malls, whereas BARO is a premium nut brand designed for consumers in the high-income bracket. The BARO nuts are packed as soon as they are roasted so they are very fresh and delicious, but the expiration date comes sooner than that of other nut products.




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