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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
When You Need to Heal Your Mind and Body, This is the Answer: Damtuh Tea  [2014/01/03]
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When You Need to Heal Your Mind and Body, This is the Answer: Damtuh Tea

Healing is a big trend recently. People exhausted by their busy lifestyles and frequent stress are looking for something that can heal their minds and bodies. There are many different ways of healing and drinking a traditional Korean beverage in a quiet atmosphere is one such way. Unique Korean traditional teas - yuja tea (citron tea), ginger tea, jujube tea, and so on - are receiving a good response from foreign people as healing beverages. Damtuh tea products are also joining their ranks. <Korea AgraFood> introduces our readers to Damtuh Food Co., Ltd., a representative Korean tea beverages exporter who is actively promoting Korean tea beverages in overseas markets.







Offices in Beijing and Shanghai…Supplying to Top Five Supermarkets in China

Damtuh Food has put a lot work into exploring the Chinese market. The tea drink exporter has established offices in big Chinese cities - Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenyang - and has been pioneering the Chinese tea beverages market since the early 2000s. Many types of Damtuh’s tea beverages - the company’s flagship products are honey citron tea and sweet pumpkin yam tea as well as black tea and hot chocolate - have captivated the tastes of Chinese people. In fact, they have become so popular that they are supplied to all of the top five big distributors in China (RT-Mart, Vanguard, Carrefour, Walmart, and Tesco).Appealing to Chinese Consumers through Reasonable Prices, Variety, and Popular Image
Recently, Damtuh Food started cultivating the Chinese inland market. The company is expanding to major cities - Xian, Chengdu, Nanjing, and Harbin - through large and medium sized local vendors. The tea drinks have also been supplied to the online shopping mall Joyo (亞瑪迅,, which is the Chinese version of the world’s largest online shopping mall, Amazon, since last year. Jang Se-keun, President of Damtuh Food Co., Ltd., explains, “We are trying to gain recognition among Chinese consumers by focusing on reasonable pricing, offering a variety of products, and developing a popular image for our tea drink products.”Thorough Market Research…The Top Priority Is Preferences of Foreign Consumers
Apart from China, Damtuh tea drink products are also exported to many other countries such as the US, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, and so on. In those countries Damtuh products are still mostly sold in Korean stores and supermarkets. Before advancing to each new market, Damtuh Food always conducts thorough market research. The main point of Damtuh’s export marketing strategy is to offer the products that can captivate the tastes of consumers in the export market. For example, Datmuh focuses on honey citron tea when exporting to China, corn silk tea to Japan, and walnut almond adlay tea to the US. President Jang reveals his strong ambitions, “We are very interested in Russia and ASEAN where the consumption of tea beverages is increasing. Damtuh Food will make every effort to promote excellent Korean tea beverage culture to foreign people.”


Inquiries Damtuh Food Co., Ltd.
Tel +82-2-599-7931






Damtuh’s Popular Tea Drinks Top5

Damtuh Food is producing 140 kinds of tea beverages. The strongest point of the company is that it offers delicious and healthy tea drinks according to the tastes of local consumers. Let’s take a look at the most popular of Damtuh’s tea beverages.




1. Honey Citron Tea

The product is a highly concentrated, liquefied tea drink made of good quality citron and honey. Citron contains three times the amount of vitamin C found in a lemon, so it is effective in skin care and treating colds.




2. Walnut Almond Adlay Tea

It is a delicious tea beverage made with nuts (walnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds), peanut milk powder (obtained through the spray drying method), and roasted Joe’s tears powder.





3. Sweet Pumpkin Yam Tea
It is a powdered tea drink that combines fiber-rich sweet pumpkin with the saponin abundant yams. Thanks to the smooth, sweet taste, it is popular with people of all ages





4. Acai Berry Ade
This beverage is made of acai berry, which is good for its anti-aging effects. In particular, it can be enjoyed with an easy mind because it uses tagatose, a new type of healthy sweetener, instead of sugar.




5. Ginger Tea

This tea drink is made of ginger, jujube, and almond - all of which are very good for your health. There are two types: tea powder and liquefied tea. The product attracts many consumers with its unique spicy ginger fragrance.

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