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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
Caffeine Free Tea with a Sweet Fruit Fragrance  [2014/01/03]
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Caffeine Free Tea with a Sweet Fruit Fragrance

Bamboo tea, with its fresh fragrance of a bamboo forest, is an emerging trend in Europe. Occupying a central place in this blue ocean market is the Korean company “Bambusland.” The name of the company stands for “bamboo land” in German. It produces bamboo tea for foreigners and has already earned a good reputation in European countries. In 2004, Bambusland opened a Switzerland branch; in 2007, a branch in Berlin; and in 2009, one in Bochum (Germany.)

Highly Acclaimed in Europe

The Secret Is in Fresh Ingredients

The success factor of Bambusland is the specialization in organic tea. In 2006, the company participated in the International Bio Expo in Nurnberg. The following year, it was the first one to obtain the European organic product certification and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) certification for bamboo tea. Its products were exhibited and caught the eyes of buyers at the Astia Wien Expo for health products, the Biofach in Nurnberg, the Anuga in Koeln, and the 2011 Natural Product Expo West in Anaheim, CA, US. Bambusland was particularly well received at the Anuga fair in Koeln where its bamboo tea was chosen as one of the 11 best tasting products among the variety of products 66 participating companies presented.


What is the reason the company’s bamboo tea receives such great recognition in Europe? Oum Mi-sun, the President of Bambusland, believes that the clue is the best quality ingredients used in the production process. The bamboo leaves for the tea come from Damyang-gun, an area in Jeollanam-do famous for an uncontaminated, clean environment. No chemicals are used in the cultivation of the bamboo. The efficacies of Damyang bamboo leaves have been known since the olden days and are described in books both from pre-modern times and in contemporary scientific studies. Among the many good elements contained in bamboo, silica is the best—it strengthens finger and toe nails, stops the hair from falling out, and helps skin regeneration. Similarly to the representative bone-building element Vitamin D, but independently from it, silica is also effective in strengthening bones and can thus prevent osteoporosis. Moreover, it is rich in fiber which is good for losing weight. That is why the bamboo tea of Bambusland became the official beverage of “Mrs. World,” one of the world’s three major beauty pageants, along with “Miss World” and “Miss Universe.”


Design of the Package with Sensuous, Pastel Tone and Practical Stand Style


The Bamboo tea of Bambusland has a golden color; clean, soft taste; and delicate, refreshing bamboo fragrance. Thanks to its sweetish taste, it is ideal as a starter tea. Unlike green tea and coffee, bamboo tea is not bitter and does not contain caffeine, so there is no burden even if you drink more than 10 cups of the tea. The product comes in five different types—original, blueberry, vanilla, pomegranate, and with lemon extract (the fruit extract is made in Germany.) The fruit teas taste sweet and add to the bamboo tea a nice fruit fragrance. Each product is packaged in a stand type box with a dotted line to make opening the tea bags easy. The small packages do not take up much space and are so pretty that they can be a great decoration for a kitchen. Becoming to an organic food product, the packaging is made with natural pulp that is processed with a special technology that allows it to preserve the scent and flavor of the tea for a long time.

The bamboo tea of Bambusland is currently sold in pharmacies and top supermarkets such as Sun Store in Switzerland, and, in Germany, in Reform House, Oasis Bio tea store, and Schlecker. You can also buy the products across France, Italy, and the Netherlands. Recently, Bambusland started making inroads, with some good results, into the US and Southeast Asia. Negotiations with Chinese buyers for entering the Chinese market are now under way.



Inquiries: Bambusland (밤부스란트)

Tel: +82-31-274-6015

Fax: +82-31-274-6016


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