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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
Young Japanese Women Are Mesmerized by Korean Herbal Tea  [2014/01/03]
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Young Japanese Women Are Mesmerized by Korean Herbal Tea

Though its ingredients have medicinal effects, Asian herbal tea has a good scent and flavor. It fits well with today’s trend of healthy living styles. Not surprisingly, people of all ages can enjoy drinking it. Depending on the ingredients, Asian herbal tea can have various effects: overcoming fatigue, preventing flu, promoting blood circulation, and many others. Studies show that the tea is also helpful for dieting, a matter of concern for many women. In short, Asian herbal tea is a type of healthy functional beverage.








Introduced to the Japanese by a Famous Japanese Blogger
Top Sales in Isetan Department Store and Yahoo Japan Portal Site







Last year, a famous Japanese blogger Kusanagi Miyoko visited the head office of OmniHerb Co., Ltd., a Korean herbal tea export company. Earlier, she had introduced the dietary benefits of the company’s herbal tea on her blog. OmniHerb’s Herb Tea Diet soon made headlines in Japan and many young Japanese women visited the office of OminHerb Co., Ltd. on group tours to experience the Korean Herbal Tea Diet Program. As a result, the tangerine peel tea offered by the company recorded unprecedented sales in 2011 and became the No. 1 bestseller of the world famous Isetan Department Store’s beauty and pharmaceutical department. What’s more, in terms of both sales amount and volume, last year from February to September OmniHerb tea products were sales leaders in the herbal tea selling corner of the web portal site Yahoo Japan.OmniHerb tea products entered the Japanese tea beverage market under the brand OmniHerb Tea Class. The company sells many different kinds of herbal teas under this brand: tangerine-peel, cinnamon, balloon flower, quince, peppermint, etc. Tangerine-peel tea is particularly rich in vitamin C. This is because tangerine is the only fresh fruit whose skin contains vitamin P, which helps activate vitamin C. Tangerine-peel tea is good for preventing the flu and blocking fat absorption. Quince tea is popular among workers who use their voice a lot because it has an effect of preventing bronchial diseases. It also improves the metabolism. Drinking balloon flower tea is an effective way of preventing asthma and pneumonia. Cinnamon tea is recommended for those who have cold hands and feet. The large menthol content in peppermint tea makes it helpful in fighting bad breath and alleviating fevers. All of these herbal tea products are gaining popularity among the Japanese.
OmniHerb Co., Ltd. recently released a new product: “Happy Day.” It is a tea product that sensitive consumers can customize according to their condition and feelings. It is a set of different types of Omniherb’s teas - to drink when feeling depressed, tired, scatterbrained, and in other conditions - packaged in individual tea bags.






Using Only Eco-Friendly Ingredients
Proven Safe by FDA (US) and MHLW (Japan)







OmniHerb Co., Ltd. only uses medicinal ingredients that were produced in an eco-friendly way. Quality control, at a laboratory with the newest testing facilities, is vigorously carried out through several stages - analysis of data from the ingredient production area, in-depth examination of ingredients, and testing for residual insecticides and chemical reactions. The OmniHerb Tea Class products have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications and are recognized by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) and MHLW (Japan Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare).
Having signed an export contract for USD1 million worth of herbal tea products with the large distributor Creation Japan Co., Ltd. last November, OmniHerb Co., Ltd. will step up promotion of its products this year. They are especially aiming at the young Japanese in their 20’s and 30’s who are interested in beauty and dieting. To appeal to these customers, OmniHerb Co., Ltd. plans to promote the OmniHerb Tea Class products at world-famous food fairs, such as Tokyo Girls Collection.

Inquiries OmniHerb Co., Ltd. Tel +82-70-8633-3344 Fax +82-53-782-5114 Website

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