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Coffee, Spices

Coffee, Spices
A Cup of Fragrant Shiitake Tea with All the Merits of Shiitake Mushrooms  [2015/02/24]
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A Cup of Fragrant Shiitake Tea with All the Merits of Shiitake Mushrooms

Convenient Tea Bags, Highly Nutritious Tea Containing Protein and Vitamins B, C, & D

Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province is where the Winter Olympics will be held in 2018. The county is located at an average altitude of 700 meters and boasts a pure natural environment, clean soil, and crystal clear water. Healthy biorhythms for the human body are said to be best formed at the altitude of 700 meters. The same is true for all animals and plants, so the inhabitants of the Pyeongchang area are enjoying the optimal living conditions. This is also the reason why the agricultural products of Pyeongchang are rated high in terms of taste, freshness, and quality.







Production of Fresh and Processed Shiitake Mushroom

Pyeongchang People Agricorpora-tion Ltd., founded in 2010, produces and sells shiitake mushrooms in the blessed natural environment of Pyeongchang. Also known as the fragrant mushroom (lentinus edode), shiitake is a representative Korean healthy food. It contains an ample amount of nutrients including proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, dietary fiber, zinc, folic acid, potassium, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and C. Thanks to these nutrients, the mushroom is believed to be effective in suppressing cancers and the prevention of hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
What’s more, the shiitake mushroom contains a plentitude of ergosterol, which, under ultraviolet rays, converts into vitamin D. Pyeong- chang People produces fresh shiitake mushrooms and also various processed products including dried shiitake mushrooms, shiitake powder, tea, cookies, and jangjorim (shiitake mushrooms boiled down in the Korean soy sauce, ganjang).
Ms. Na Kyung-hee, CEO of Pyeongchang People, said that the eight facilities of the mushroom cultivation complex produce approximately 60 tons of shiitake mushrooms a year. She added that the corporation can produce the mushroom all year round, even in the winter when cultivation of shiitake mushrooms is considered difficult.







Shiitake Mushrooms Grown at the Optimal Altitude of 700 Meters


Shiitake mushrooms produced by Pyeongchang People boast excellent freshness because they are cultivated in a pure natural environment at the 700 meter altitude optimal for the growth of agricultural products. With the huge daily temperature range, the mushroom acquires a very firm, chewy texture. To demonstrate the reliability of their products, Pyeong-chang People obtained the pesticide-free agriproduct certification issued by the Korean government. Ms. Na says, “To produce high quality shiitake mushrooms, we are paying a great deal of attention to the medium in which mushrooms are cultivated.” She explained that the corporation uses two layers of the medium instead of a single layer because the method reduces the moisture content and thereby yields mushrooms that retain their unique scent and freshness for a long time.







Delicious, Fragrant, and Nutritious Shiitake Tea

Pyeongchang People produces an assortment of processed products using high-quality fresh shiitake mushrooms. The company developed a shiitake tea to maximize the efficacy of the healthy mushroom. To make the tea, the mushrooms are dried, ground, and roasted. The product is offered in tea bags, so it can be enjoyed conveniently at anytime and anywhere. It has an attractive, subtle scent and a soothing rather than pungent flavor. Ms. Na says, “We’ve added brown rice to the mushrooms in order to make the flavor even more delicate. All the shiitake mushrooms are dried naturally, in the sun, to provide our consumers with a sufficient amount of vitamin D, which is good for the body.”
Pyeongchang People started knocking on the doors of overseas markets as soon as it developed the shiitake tea last year. According to Ms. Na, the shiitake tea was created for export from the very beginning. The corporation is actively participating in international food exhibitions at home and abroad to promote its new product to overseas consumers.
Ms. Na emphasizes, “Shiitake tea is a healthy tea that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age or gender. We are working on developing large size shiitake tea bags, so that one bag will be enough to make a kettle or a tumbler of the tea.”







Additional Information


Shiitake Jangjorim Receives Favorable Response from Overseas Consumers

Made with bite-sized shiitake mushrooms, shiitake jangjorim can make a good side dish to eat with rice or barley.
Jangjorim stands for dishes made by boiling down the main ingredients in ganjang (soy sauce). The shiitake jangjorim produced by Pyeongchang People is not as salty as most other jangjorim dishes. Some 15 natural ingredients―including dried shiitake mushrooms, green onion roots, and kelp―are put in ganjang and ripened for a month. Yet the chewy texture of the mushrooms is retained. One merit of the shiitake jangjorim is that it can be stored for a long time―six months in a refrigerator or up to one year in a freezer. The CEO of Pyeongchang People mentioned that the shiitake jangjorim was first exported to the US last year. She says with pride, “The product was received so well that, after it sold out in Ameri-can stores, some consumers even contacted Pyeongchang People directly asking if they could purchase it from Korea.”




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