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Leading the Korean Processed Red Bean Industry, Daedoo Foods  [2015/03/19]
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Leading the Korean Processed Red Bean Industry, Daedoo Foods

Started Exports in 2000…Reached USD$5 Million Mark Last Year


Daedoo Foods is the leading producer of Korean processed red beans. The company’s red bean paste accounts for 70 percent of the volume used in the Korean bakery industry. After building a factory for rice flour production in 2005, Daedoo Foods started producing bread, rice cake, and noodles with rice flour under the brand Haessalmaroo. The company is making an important contribution to creating a healthy consumption culture by offering the market the high-quality foods that use rice.







The First in the Field to Introduce Automated Facilities…Sticks to the Principle of No Artificial Preservatives

Since its establishment in 1983, Daedoo Foods has been systematically developing and producing red bean paste to be used in bread. It is a true leader in the Korean red bean paste industry. The company was the first among its peers to install automated facilities for producing red bean paste in 1992. Based on the superior technological skills, the front-runner is manufacturing a variety of processed foods―red bean jelly, red bean sweets, and many more. The red bean paste producer was the first in the field to develop a paste product that does not use preservatives. In the following years, it succeeded at producing the products free of artificial flavoring agents or artificial colors. To cater to different consumer tastes, Daedoo Foods also released many diverse types of paste products: sweet potato, ginseng, mugwort, strawberry, and so on.







The First Rice Flour Manufacturing Factory in Korea…Fosters the Processed Rice Industry and Promotes the Consumption of Rice

Since the mid-1990s Daedoo Foods has been steadily making efforts to specialize in the production of rice flour. That is because the company’s management was confident that rice is a better fit for Koreans and could replace wheat flour in many products. Based on this vision, the company established the first rice flour manufacturing factory in Korea and focused on mass-producing the product. Daedoo Foods offers a variety of rice flour products: strong, medium, and weak flours for baking, rice flour for pizza, and so on. For its efforts, the company was selected in two consecutive years as one of the “top 10 producers of high-end processed rice foods of KRFA (The Korea Rice Foodstuff Association).”
Daedoo Foods received a commendation from the prime minister for the company’s contribution to the production and distribution of the high quality rice in 2010. It was also awarded with a commendation from the minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in 2011 for fostering the processed rice industry and promoting rice consumption.







Beating Its Rivals with Leading Technical Skills, High Quality, and Food Safety

The technical skills and quality of Daedoo Foods products are highly recognized in the field. The company obtained various certifications and developed a manufacturing system to produce safe and sanitary foods. The company got USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration) certification in 2010 and was the first of the producers of red bean jelly to obtain HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) certification in 2012. The producer also possesses KSA9001 and ISO2001; seven of its products received Halal certification last October.







USD$3 Million Award at the Korean Agri-Product Export Awards in 2011…Expected to Have Passed the USD$5 Million Mark in Exports in 2014

Since the turn of the millennium, Daedoo Foods has been concentrating on exports. It received an award at the 2003 Korean Agri-Product Export Awards for recording USD$1 million in exports. The company reached USD$3 million in exports in 2011. The USD$4.8 million mark was passed in 2013 and the exports for 2014 are expected to have surpassed USD$5 million.
The products of Daedoo Foods are mainly exported to the US, Australia, Europe, and China. In the US, the company operates a local office that helps it advance further into the local market. In addition, the company is actively participating in food trade fairs overseas―such as FFA (Fine Food Australia)―to expand its exports.
Lee Dong-yeol, the deputy head of overseas sales and marketing for Daedoo Foods, says, “We will focus on cultivating the market in Southeast Asian countries―Indonesia, Malaysia, and so on―using the Halal certification, which we obtained last year. We will spare no effort to promote our products to foreign consumers.”




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