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From A to Z of Baby Foods bebeFoods  [2015/08/11]
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From A to Z of Baby Foods bebeFoods

From A to Z of Baby Foods bebeFoods


Hanyang F&D Produces Diverse Baby Foods From Sauces to Snacks
Entered Chinese Market Last Year


Korean baby foods came into the spotlight in China and ASEAN thanks to the many advantages of the products―namely their high quality and safeness. In Korea, the sales of organic baby food products containing no artificial additives are brisk. These days, buyers―especially the Chinese―are highly interested in newly released Korean baby foods products. Hanyang F&D has begun actively introducing to the Chinese market diverse baby food products from weaning food made with high-quality ingredients to snacks and sauces.



Producing Premium Food Products with the Daddy’s Heart

Established in 2009, Hanyang F&D is a Korean baby food product company whose slogan is “Offering convenience for mom and health for children.” When it first started its business, it just distributed baby foods. Since 2011, it has actively produced related food products for the market.
Mr. Yang Chang-sig, the representative of Hanyang F&D said, “As a dad nurturing my daughter, I want to produce and distribute safer and better quality snacks catering to children. I invented BeBe Food Porridge (a weaning food) in 2011 with the aim of producing all products only with Korean ingredients for safeness.” BeBe Food products entered the main Korean department stores (Lotte, Shinsegae, and Hyundai) thanks to the word-of-mouth that the product’s ingredients are carefully selected.



Made with Carefully Selected Korean Ingredients

Hanyang F&D has produced diverse baby food products from baby porridge to sauces under the brand name BeBe Food. President Yang said, “Thanks to the word-of-mouth among moms who were attracted by the high quality, we received many inquiries about other products. That’s why we added the new lines of products such as snacks. Picky moms consider even where the ingredients are from. Because of that, we produce our products with safe Korean ingredients.”

Hanyang F&D’s flagship product is BeBe Food Porridge, a dehydrated porridge. Without any separate utensils or equipment, consumers can enjoy it in three minutes just by pouring hot water. Thanks to its special freeze-drying manufacturing process, the porridge comes out with the real taste, texture, and nutrients of the ingredients. Each one is pocket size, individually wrapped, and easy to carry.
BeBe Food Seasoned Seaweed and BeBe Food Seasoned Seaweed Chops are both best selling items. They have only the best seaweed cultivated on the west coast of Korea, in Seocheon County of South Chungcheong Province. Then, to promote babies’growth, red clay salt, DHA, calcium, and vitamin D are added to the seaweed. Red clay salt contains lower salinity, but higher mineral content than common salt.
BeBe Food Snack products come in three types: BeBe Food Rice Snack, BeBe Food Tteok-bbeung, and BeBe Food Grain Bar. BeBe Food Rice Snack and BeBe Food Tteok-bbeung are made with brown rice and white rice. Each goes through a puffing method in which high temperature and high pressure are applied in lieu of frying. BeBe Food Rice Snack is made with embryo rice, which contains vitamins and mineral to help babies’ growth. BeBe Food Tteok-bbeung is a perfect snack for babies whose teeth are just starting to develop. BeBe Food Grain Bar is a strawberry-flavored wellbeing snack made with brown rice powder, white rice powder, and whole milk powder.


The BeBe Food seasoning products―salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, deonjang (soy bean paste), and gochujang (red pepper paste)―are rising items. Among the five, the BeBe Food Salt is the bestselling item. It is made with solar salt, which has a lower salt content than common salt and added calcium and chitosan. BeBe Food Soy Sauce contains green tea fermented liquor and smilax china juice. President Yang said, “People who enjoy strong-tasting foods at an early age are likely to become unhealthy. We invented these seasoning products to help mothers develop healthy eating habits for their babies.”



Contract with Chinese Company Leyou

Hanyang F&D started its business with the goal of exports in mind. Since 2011, it has promoted and proposed exports to many Chinese buyers. With its efforts, it made an export contract with the Chinese baby food distribution enterprise Leyou last year and started exporting. The products are being sold at Leyou online and offline shops.
President Yang said, “Our products received positive responses from the Chinese consumers. Last year’s export volume was USD$14,000. Last May, the company exported products worth USD$50,000. The success clearly shows that our product is perfect in all aspects.”
Recently, the products are also being sold in local online shopping malls (e.g. Taobao mall).
Hanyang F&D is doing its best to make inroads into other countries including in ASEAN and especially in Vietnam. President Yang said, “In the second half of the year, we will attend baby fairs held in Vietnam and introduce our products.” 




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