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Cereal, Milling products

Cereal, Milling products
The Leading Producer of Wellbeing Snacks Made with Organic Rice, MIDM  [2015/06/25]
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The Leading Producer of Wellbeing Snacks Made with Organic Rice, MIDM

Over 50 Kinds of High Quality Rice Snacks… Supplies Airline and a World Famous Coffee Franchise   


Thanks to the popularity of the wellbeing trend overseas, low calorie and nutritious processed foods made with rice are becoming a hit. Rice is rich in dietary fiber as well as proteins, fats, and vitamins. What’s more, its high digestion-absorption ratio makes it a good food to prevent obesity, high levels of cholesterol, and diabetes. Because of the highly nutritional value of rice, many different processed rice products―such as rice chips and rice bars―are coming into the spotlight for many consumers as snack foods and meal substitutes.
MIDM Agricultural Union Corporation (MIDM)―the producer of delicious and healthy snacks made with organic rice―is the hidden strong man of the Korean processed rice food industry. The producer is actively supplying its rice snacks to a world famous coffee franchise company and a famous Korean airline.












Rice Cultivation through Green Farming Technique without the Use of Chemical Fertilizers or Agricultural Pesticides

The strong point of MIDM is the high quality rice grown with an environmentally friendly farming method. When cultivating rice, MIDM never use chemical fertilizers or agricultural pesticides. It only uses natural fertilizers: coffee grounds, oilseed crop grounds, and manure from cows with “no antibiotic” certifications. MIDM introduced the farming technique using freshwater snails in 2007. The technique is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly farming method. MIDM is now cultivating rice in 66,000㎡ paddies. Half (33,000㎡) of the rice paddies have already obtained Korean organic certification. The other half will soon be obtaining organic certification in phases.  
Every year, MIDM harvests about 600 tons of rice grown with a green farming technique and all rice snacks of MIDM are made with organic rice. MIDM is also making efforts to manage its rice-processing facilities in a hygienic way in order to ensure the high food safety of its rice snacks. To keep a workplace clean, MIDM is applying the CIP (cleaning in place) system. MIDM also arranges hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―in accordance with the HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) standard. What’s more, MIDM has staff who are only responsible for the quality of the processed rice products. Thus, MIDM concentrates on production of reliable rice snacks and safe conditions for food.












Rice Chips and Rice Bar are Popular as Low-Calorie, Nutritious Snacks

MIDM is producing over 50 kinds of snacks made with organic rice. The flagship products of MIDM are Rice Chips and Rice Bar. Rice Chips has a simple and aromatic taste compared to other sharp-tasting snacks. In consideration of the varied taste buds of consumers, MIDM produces Rice Chips in a variety of flavors: purple sweet potato, sweet pumpkin, blueberry, corn, apple, pear, orange, and so on. The Rice Chips are also low in calories (from 110kcal to 150kcal), so the snack is a nice, low-calorie and nutritious snack.  
Rice Bar is a nutritious snack bar product. The main ingredients are the organic rice, roasted brown rice, and a variety of nuts―almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, and so on. The snack bar is low in calories (133kcal per unit), but rich in dietary fiber. As a result, young women are especially fond of the snack bar as a food for losing weight. Recently, MIDM released new Rice Bar products: Black Bean Rice Bar (the black beans are good for skin care) and Blueberry Rice Bar (the blueberries are have anti-aging effects). 












Supplying to Starbucks and In-Flight Meal of Asiana Airlines

MIDM supplies most of its rice snack products to coffee franchises, airlines, distributors, and department stores through OEMs (original equipment manufacturing). Among them, the world famous coffee company, Starbucks, is the representative recipient of MIDM rice snacks. The rice snacks―Rice Chips, Rice Bar, and so on―of MIDM are supplied to about 800 Korean Starbucks stores. Since 2012, MIDM has also supplied its Rice Chips and Rice Bar products to the international airlines (the US, Europe, Australia) of Asiana airlines as in-flight meals.
The rice snacks of MIDM can be also seen in the famous Korean cinema franchise CGV, big marts (Homeplus and Nonghyup Hanaro), department stores (Shinsegye), and so on. 












Seeking Advance into China under the Brand “Farmer’s Factory”

Starting this year, MIDM will actively promote its rice snacks to foreign consumers. China is the first step for MIDM to enter into foreign markets. The rice snack products of MIDM have had a good response among the Chinese buyers who participated in the international food fair held in Shanghai last year and the rice snack products have strong possibilities to make inroads into the Chinese market.
Mr. Jun Dae-kyung, the president of MIDM, speaks of his aspirations, “We are distributing our rice snacks under the brand Nonjigi, but we recently launched a new brand, Farmer’s Factory, for export. MIDM will forcefully cultivate foreign distribution networks to enter our Farmer’s Factory rice snacks into the global market―China, the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.”












Additional Information

Chewy and Sweet Fruit Chips of MIDM

Recently, MIDM released fruit chips products. The fruit chips are produced with the thermal-drying method, which lets the moisture of the fruit evaporate, but keeps the taste of the fruit and concentrates the fruit’s nutrition. The result is that MIDM’s fruit chips have a chewy and sweet taste. They come in two flavors: the refreshing taste of apple and the sweet taste of pear. The fruit chips contain no additives but the chips are always made of 100 percent Korean apples and pears. 
Recently, after a suggestion made by the Asian head office of Starbucks, MIDM will supply its fruit chips products to Starbucks stores all over China. 




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