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Daedong Korea Ginseng  [2015/07/01]
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Daedong Korea Ginseng

Daedong Korea Ginseng


Enters the Global Market with Advanced Facilities and High Technology, Daedong Korea Ginseng


Interest in a healthy lifestyle continues to increase on a global scale. Accordingly, the world’s health food market is steadily expanding. Various healthy foods and tonic foods are actively sold in Korea. Among them, ginseng is a common health food. Of all the types of ginseng products, the Koreans’ favorite is red ginseng. Red ginseng is generally made by steaming and drying fresh ginseng in the sun or hot wind. There are many different types of red ginseng products on the market. These include both root red ginseng and processed red ginseng foods such as extracts, powders, capsules, and so on. Red ginseng is recognized for various efficacies: fighting fatigue, improving immunity, and promoting blood circulation. Thanks to these merits, red ginseng is gaining the status of a global health food not only in Korea but in other countries as well―China, Hong Kong, Japan, and so on.


Possesses GAP and GMP Certifications…Built Manufacturing Facilities that Ensure Thorough Quality Control


Established in Geumsan County of South Chungcheong Province in 2002, Daedong Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd. is a healthy food producer. It specializes in a variety of ginseng products: red ginseng, taegeuksam, heuksam, and so on. The company manages the manufacturing of ginseng products at all stages―from ginseng cultivation to its supply and the production of end-products. Daedong Korea Ginseng has also improved the quality competitiveness of its products by obtaining a number of certifications―GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufactur-ing Practice), and ISO22000―for the production system that ensures thorough quality control. Mr. Lee Jong-ick, the business planning and management chief of Daedong Korea Ginseng, introduces his company, “Among the large ginseng producers in Korea, Daedong Korea Ginseng is the only company that can produce and supply many different types of ginseng products―red ginseng, taegeuksam, baeksam , heuksam, and so on.”


Production of 100 Ginseng Items…Capacity to Produce Customized Products


Based on its know-how in ginseng production and advanced facilities, Daedong Korea Ginseng produces some 100 items: root ginseng, extract, powder, jeolpyeon (pounded red ginseng cake), tea, capsules, candy, and so on. The ratio of products made with six-year-old red ginseng and four-year-old ginseng is 50:50. The flagship products of Daedong Korea are the processed red ginseng line. The best sellers include red ginseng extract, powdered red ginseng, and functional nutritious products made with red ginseng. Red ginseng extract is made by boiling down and concentrating red ginseng for a long time. Powdered red ginseng is made by grinding dried red ginseng through a barley stone and solar heat drying system, so the product retains the original fragrance and taste of ginseng. The highly functional nutritious product SAPONIEX is offered in capsules. It is made from powdered red ginseng extract using the technique of quantitative standardization of ginsenoside (the effective component of red ginseng). Vitamins and minerals are also added to the product. SAPONIEX has received approval as a healthy functional food from the MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) of Korea. Mr. Lee emphasizes, “All of our products are made with good quality ginseng. They pass the pesticide residue test and ginseng age test. We have accumulated the know-how for red ginseng production, so we can produce a variety of types of customized red ginseng products.”


Manufacturing High Quality Red Ginseng Products Based on Patented Technology


Daedong Korea Ginseng is manufacturing processed red ginseng products using several patented technologies that were developed by the company’s research center. Particularly notable is the “New Fusion Extract System,” which is a manufacturing method of processed red ginseng extract. Thanks to this low-temperature processing system, the powdered red ginseng can be made into highly-enriched red ginseng extract in a short period of time. What’s more, the technology doesn’t destroy nutritional contents―such as ginsenoside and water soluble proteins―at all. Mr. Lee says, “Daedong Korea Ginseng is steadily supplying ginseng products to major food companies through ODM (Original Develop-ment Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) agreements. We are also selling products that apply our patented technologies under our own brand.”


Obtained Halal Certification… Extending Exports to Southeast Asia


Daedong Korea Ginseng started exporting its ginseng products as soon as the company was established. Its current markets include Hong Kong, the US, Japan, and Vietnam, where its products are sold under the company-owned brand Boolrogeon. The exports average USD$1.5 million annually. Daedong Korea Ginseng has a plan to double the export volume by advancing into Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Mr. Lee says, “To enter the Southeast Asian market, we obtained halal certification last year. With the certification, we will also knock on the door of the Middle Eastern market.”



Additional Information


Various Names of Korean Ginseng

Ginseng is named differently according to the way it is processed. There are susam, hongsam, baeksam, taegeuksam, and heuksam. Susam (fresh ginseng) is not processed but only washed. Hongsam (red ginseng) is made by steaming and drying unpeeled fresh ginseng. Baeksam (white ginseng) is produced through the process of drying slightly peeled or unpeeled fresh ginseng in the sun or under a hot wind. Taegeuksam is made by boiling and drying fresh ginseng. Finally, heuksam is similar to hongsam but it is steamed and dried more than three times using a technique that increases the concentration of the effective components of ginseng.



Inquiries Daedong Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd.

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