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Vegetable plaiting material

Vegetable plaiting material
Healthy & Delicious Bibimbap Ready in Ten MinutesWoori Bibimbap  [2015/07/21]
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Healthy & Delicious Bibimbap Ready in Ten MinutesWoori Bibimbap


Healthy & Delicious Bibimbap Ready in Ten MinutesWoori Bibimbap




With Only a Cup of Hot Water, Delicious Bibimbap is Ready!


Last year, aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.) conducted a survey on Hansik (Korean cuisine) preferences among foreigners living in the ten countries with overseas aT offices. The respondents were asked which Korean dishes they liked the most. The survey found that bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef) is the favorite dish.
Unfortunately, making bibimbap is a very difficult task for foreigners because it is not easy for overseas consumers to get Korean the ingredients needed for cooking bibimbap. These include gochujang (red pepper paste) and sesame oil as well as cooking Korean dishes by oneself. That’s why the Korean food exporter Chammi- food Co., Ltd. released an instant bibimbap product to enjoy anywhere and anytime.




Instant Bibimbap Made with Dehydrated Rice

Since the company was established in 2004 in Goryeong County, North Gyeongsang Province, Chammifood Co., Ltd. has been mainly specializing in Korean convenience food products. The company distributes an instant rice product. It uses rice, which is the main staple food of Korea, under the concept of “produce a healthy and convenient product.”
By 2004, the instant rice products that customers eat by heating in boiling water or the microwave had already been widely circulated in the market. So, the company turned its eyes on the manufacturing of precooked rice made with dehydrated rice that consumers can enjoy without any separate utensils or equipment except hot water.
As the number of people enjoying leisure activities and single-person households are continuously increasing and the wellbeing food is getting popular, it invented the healthy products: Easybab Woori Bibimbap. It is made with dehydrated rice, dehydrated vegetables, and seasonings. 





Comes in Three Flavors: Beef, Kimchi, Mushroom…Cook It like Instant Cup Ramen

Easybab Woori Bibimbap comes in three flavors: beef, kimchi, and mushroom.
Dehydrated beef, kimchi, and mushroom are respectively added to a base of dehydrated rice and various dehydrated vegetables. The biggest benefit of Easybab Woori Bibimbap is that anyone can cook it easily only with a cup of hot water, just like instant cup ramen. First, open it and take out the sauce and sesame oil. Pour boiling water to the indicated line inside. Zip the pouch and leave it for 10 minutes. Open the pouch and then add the sauce and oil according to your taste. Mix it all up and the dish is done. Its similarity to the taste of real rice is another merit of Easybab Woori Bibimbap.
This is related to Chammifood Co., Ltd.’s technology for manufacturing precooked dehydrated rice. Pre- cooked dehydrated rice is manufactured by first drying steamed rice at a low temperature and then drying that once again at a high temperature. All the moisture in the rice should be removed to maintain the glutinosity of the properly cooked rice when hot water is added. Kim Jung-hoon, the CEO of Chammifood Co., Ltd. said, “If steamed rice is dehydrated at a high temperature, only the moisture on the surface is removed and it becomes damp as time passes. With the method of drying with a cold wind at a low temperature that is similar to a roasting method, our rice boasts an excellent texture compared to any other instant rice products.” Chammi-food Co., Ltd. uses aluminum foil packaging to keep the dehydrated rice fresh and dry until it reaches customers’ dining tables. This foil of film prevents the dehydrated rice from any contact with moisture. Many efforts are also made for hygiene management and safety assurance. In 2013, the company’s hygienic facilities―air showers, foreign substance filters, and so on―gained HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification for the first time as a company producing a dehydrated rice product in pouch. In same year they also succeeded in obtaining ISO9001 certification for the food safety management system. CEO Kim said, “We’ve received OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) requests from large Korean distributor. It shows that our product is perfect in all aspects: taste, quality and safety.”





This Year’s Goal Is to Achieve USD$100,000 in Sales

The company is currently exporting its products to Hong Kong, the US, Singapore, and Japan.
Last year’s export volume was USD$32,000. Last May, the company exported products worth USD$60,000. While of note, actual exports have not increased to a high level.
CEO Kim said, “Last year, we started exporting our products abroad through an export agency. Our products received a positive response from the buyers. Luckily, some buyers contacted us directly and suggested an export contract, so we started to ship our product abroad directly.”
In addition, exports to the US have been progressing. Recently, they have been inventing a cheese-flavored bibimbap that caters to the tastes of Hong Kong people. Given the current rate of growth, the company has set the goal of achieving USD$100,000 in exports for this year.
CEO Kim said, “I will do my best to attend many food exhibitions such as the Fancy Food Show this month and to increase awareness about Easybab Woori Bibimbap.”





Additional Information

New Products of Chammifood Co., Ltd.: Baro Bibimbap and JJamppong Bap

Chammifood Co., Ltd. recently released new products: Baro Bibimbap and JJamppong Bap. They are receiving a positive response. Baro Bibimbap is the product that added Easybab Woori Bibimbap to deonjang-guk (soybean paste soup) in a mini pouch. You can enjoy hot soup and bibimbap at the same time. Thanks to its deep and spicy taste, the JJamppong Bap product is receiving a good response among consumers. Chammifood Co., Ltd. produces JJamppong Bap in a variety of flavors: kimchi, seafood, and ramen. 






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