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Prepared meat, Fish, Shellfis

Prepared meat, Fish, Shellfis
The Byword for Fish Meat Sausage, Cheonhajangsa  [2015/10/01]
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The Byword for Fish Meat Sausage, Cheonhajangsa

The Byword for Fish Meat Sausage, Cheonhajangsa


Jinjuham Cheonhajangsa Leads the Korean Fish Meat Sausage Marke…Popular as the Premium Nutritious Snack among the Chinese


The South Gyeongsang Provincial Hall held the event “Korean Agri-Products and Industrial Products Export Business Fair” in Shanghai, China last June 2. In the event, a variety of Korean agri-products that the Chinese like were displayed. Among them, a fish meat sausage, Cheonha-jangsa (大力天將 or Da Li Tian Jiang in Chinese), produced by Jinjuham got the attention of many Chinese buyers. Cheonhajangsa is made of fish meat and cheese, which is also coming into the spotlight as a nutritious snack for Children in China because it has an aromatic taste and is low in calories. Thanks to the popularity in China, Jinjuham made an export contract worth USD$12 million with the Chinese buyer, Haidicun Food. 



The First Korean Fish Meat Snack

The flagship product of Jinjuham is Cheonhajangsa, which is made of pollack flesh. Released in 1985, the product was the first snack made of fish meat in Korea. At a time that ham and sausage were unfamiliar, Cheonhajangsa became popular among many Korean children and the product became a hot seller in the heat. Its long stick shape and unique orange color package represent Cheonhajangsa itself. After the release of Cheonhajangsa, lots of me-too products poured into the market, but the originator has led the Korean fish meat sausage market for 30 years.




The Main Ingredient Is the High-end Pollack Flesh

Jinjuham Cheonhajangsa has become a byword for fish meat sausage. The main ingredient of Cheonha-jangsa is fresh, high-end pollack flesh. To secure the food safety of the main ingredient, Cheonhajangsa already obtained FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the US) certification. What’s more, Jinjuham has been conducting radiation checks regularly on the fish flesh ingredients.
Jinjuham uses pan salt instead of general salt to lower the sodium content in its product. Pan salt maintains the salty taste, but contains 40 percent less sodium than general salt. Jinjuham is using pan salt in the premium Cheonhanagsa product line and has plans to use pan salt this year in the Cheonhajangsa for infants product.
Mr. Park Jung-jin, the president of Jinjuham, explains, “We manage the food safety of Cheonhajangsa thoroughly because the aim is to be the premium nutritious snack. Since in 2001, all the product lines of Cheonhajangsa have contained no synthetic preservatives.”




Cheonhajangsa Comes in a Variety of Flavors: Original, for Infants, and So On

Jinjuham has released a variety of Cheonhajangsa product lines according to the taste buds of consumers. The popular Cheonhajangsa items are Original, Premium, Black Label, Quatro, for infants, and so on.
Cheonhajangsa Original is the flagship product made of pollack flesh and cheddar cheese. Cheonhajangsa Premium contains more cheddar cheese contents than Original to strengthen the aromatic taste.
Cheonhajangsa Black Label uses Gouda cheese instead of cheddar cheese. Cheonhajangsa Quatro uses four cheeses (Camembert, Blue, Gouda, Cheddar) and honey. Those two labels are the high-end line among the Cheonhajangsa products. 
Cheonhajangsa for infants strengthens nutritional contents―such as calcium and protein―for the growth development of three-to-six year-olds and uses animated characters that infants like: Thomas & Friends (a British cartoon), Pororo (a Korean cartoon), and so on.
Spicy Cheonhajangsa (for consumers who like a spicy taste) and Cheonhajangsa Corn Flavor (with aromatic corn) are also popular among foreign consumers. 



Popular as a Wholesome Snack among the Chinese Children

In China, Cheonhajangsa has been well known as the premium nutritious snack among local consumers and has been leading a Sausage Hallyu (Korean culture wave) there. Cheonhajangsa was released under the brand “Da Li Tian Jiang” in August of 2013. After its release in the Chinese market, the product became the Korean snack among the local young mom consumers that is rich in nutrition and highly secure in food safety. So, the fish meat sausage became the wholesome snack for the Chinese infants and children in a short period of time. The price of Cheonhajangsa is five times more expensive than any other Chinese fish meat sausage product, but, because of its taste and high quality, 74 million Cheonhajangsa sausages (about USD$7 million) were sold and topped the Chinese fish meat sausage market last year.
Mr. Park speaks of his aspiration, “We will achieve exports of USD$45 million in Cheonhajangsa sausage in China by 2020 and we will also make efforts to raise the awareness of Cheonhajangsa in the new markets such as inland China and Southeast Asian countries.”



Additional Information

Jinjuham Takes Account of Entering Inland China 

Jinjuham will develop a variety of Cheonhajangsa products for infants to expand the base of Chinese consumption and cultivate new Chinese distribution channels such as convenience stores and department stores. What’s more, Jinjuham is considering using the popularity of Cheonhajangsa among the Chinese as a steppingstone toward the promotion of its new products.
These will be convenience Korean street foods such as sundae (Korean style sausage) and gimmari (fried seaweed rolls), sausage made of chicken breast for consumers interested in sports, handmade premium processed meat sausage, and so on.






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