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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Poslim  [2014/03/05]
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Let’s Go on a Diet but Enjoy Food without Having to Starve



    A Bowl of Udon Is 702kcal, But a Bowl of Haechomiin Is Just 55kcal


    Every woman who’s tried dieting knows that even a small change in weight - even 1kg - can have a huge effect on the body. It can make the stomach far flatter than it was, arms more slender, and the skin tone brighter. Of course, a dress will fit much nicer, too. To lose weight, most people try to reduce their intake of carbohydrates and eat chicken breast or broccoli all the time. But if you cut back on carbohydrates, you’ll end up craving them and dream of ramen or spaghetti all throughout the day. Don’t be discouraged! <Korea AgraFood> has found a way to relieve the suffering of dieting: it is a diet with Haechomiin.







    No Need to Worry about the Amount of Calories - Noodles Made with Healthy Seaweed, Not Flour
    Low in Fat and Calories, Cholesterol and Gluten Free


    Haechomiin is an instant noodle product of Haecheongjeong Co., Ltd. The noodles are made with sea mustard, kelp, and sauce.
    Cho Sung-kook, President of Haecheongjeong, tells about the origin of the product, “Seaweed has been scientifically proven to be good for the health and it is attracting more and more attention abroad. So I decided to find a way to make foods out of seaweed without its distinctive, fishy taste. In 2010, I took over a seaweed company and released Haechomiin.”
    The noodles of Haechomiin are made with sea mustard and kelp. No flour, starch, coloring, or artificial flavorings are added. Among the various kinds of seaweed, sea mustard and kelp are particularly rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, and zinc; all of which are often missing from the diets of modern people. What’s more, these two types of seaweed are very filling and rich in alginic acid (a kind of dietary fiber), which is good for preventing constipation.
    Produced using a patented technology, the noodles boast 98 percent seaweed content. They are free of cholesterol, gluten, and fat.



    The company’s factory has obtained the international certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 1401:2004. It also has HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Product) certification.
    Ready to Eat Right Away, Low in Calories, Real Super Food…Six Different Varieties
    Haechomiin comes in six different varieties: bibim-guksu (noodles in spicy seasoning), chilly noodles, mul-naengmyeon (cold noodles in a watery broth), jjamppong (Chinese-style noodles with vegetables and seafood), soba, and udon.
    Cooking Haechomiin is very simple: open the package, throw away the water, wash the noodles two or three times in clean water, and add the sauce. That’s all.



    Thanks to its virtues - low calories, healthy ingredients, and a simple cooking method - Haechomiin has received positive responses at overseas exhibitions. Its virtues were recognized at the very first overseas food show in which it participated (Foodex Japan 2011) and the exports started in July of 2011. The product is actively exported to Japan, the US, China, and Taiwan. To Japan, it is sold under the brand name Purewakamen in jumbo sized packages intended for restaurants and hotels. American consumers can buy Haechomiin under the brand name Seasnax at Whole Foods Market and Natural Market. Taiwanese can find the product in Costco, Takashimaya, and Wondong department store.
    President Cho said, “Our product is receiving a positive response from westerners because it allows them to eat healthy yet unfamiliar seaweed just as a normal food. We are doing our best to offer consumers a variety of flavors, like spaghetti for example.”







    Additional Information

    DIY Seaweed Noodles








    Diverse Ways to Enjoy Seaweed Noodles!

    Cheon Dae-uk, Director of the Haecheongjeong Co., Ltd., has shared with us some simple recipes to enjoy seaweed noodles.


    Put some Poslim in a bowl and add veggies with mustard sauce, mayonnaise, and oriental sauce. You can enjoy a new style salad dish. It is an easy and tasty treat.


    Use Poslim noodles to make tomato or carbonara spaghetti. The dish will have very few calories.


    Many foreigners like Korean curry instant noodles. Try Poslim with curry, and you can enjoy a new, unusual flavor.


    Spring roll
    When making spring rolls, add Poslim instead of rice noodles. It will make the taste of the dish more refreshing.


    One of the virtues of Poslim is that the noodles are very chewy and elastic. The elasticity is just the right thing you need to make japchae (stir-fried noodles with vegetables).


    Inquiries Haecheongjeong Co., Ltd.
    Tel +82-32-518-7200
    Fax +82-32-327-9898

    Make Your Own Seaweed Dish with Poslim
    Haecheongjeong Co., Ltd. is producing another product made with seaweed noodles under the name Poslim. The company has released this product for those who want to use seaweed noodles to make local dishes. Poslim made of sea mustard has only 10kcal and kelp Poslim has 12kcal. With Poslim, you can cook a variety of foods such as salads and local noodle dishes.

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