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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
DongHwa CNF Is Breaking into Overseas Markets with a Topokki Snack  [2015/01/06]
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DongHwa CNF Is Breaking into Overseas Markets with a Topokki Snack

Will Participate in …Offering Snacks Such as Topokki to Foreign Consumers Who Like Korean Cuisine


The Korean street food topokki (stir-fried rice cake) combines the spiciness of gochujang (red pepper paste) with the chewiness of garae-tteok (rounded stick of rice cake). There are many places famous for topokki in Korea. One of them, Sindang-dong Topokki Street, brings together the best topokki restaurants. It attracts customers with spicy topokki served with a sweetish soup. Many foreign tourists visit this street and when Sindang-dong Topokki was recently developed into a snack product, it immediately received a good response from overseas consumers. This snack is Sindangdong Original Topokki produced by DongHwa CNF.






Recreating the Spicy and Sweet Taste of Sindang-dong Topokki in a Snack Product…Korea’s First Topokki Snack

The Sindangdong Original Topokki snack features long garae-tteok shaped sticks that taste sweet and spicy. To recreate the unique taste of Sindang-dong topokki, the staff of the Product Development Team of DongHwa CNF Co., Ltd. often visited Sindang-dong Topokki Street to learn the recipes of the local specialty.
Mr. Jang Jin-seung, a manager of the General Sales Team in DongHwa CNF, explains, “There are several types of Korean topokki snack products distributed in foreign markets, but our brand is the only one that has recreated the taste of Sindang-dong Topokki. What’s more, DongHwa CNF’s product is unique among topokki snacks as we are the first to produce a Korean topokki snack.”






Strength in Quality Control…Offering over 20 Items Including Topokki Snacks and Yakgwa

Established in 1989, DongHwa CNF is a Korean confectionary company producing over 20 items. Its first priority is “developing confectionary items that taste native to Korea and use fresh, natural ingredients.” DongHwa CNF’s products include: yakgwa (traditional Korean cookies made with flour, sesame oil, honey, rice wine, cinnamon, and ginger juice), aromatic and crispy snacks, soft and sweet cookies, candy, donuts, and many more.
The flagship of DongHwa CNF, Sindangdong Original Topokki, is particularly popular with female consumers because of the spicy and sweet taste. What’s more, the product is cheaper but its volume is larger than that of other topokki snack products. Sindangdong Original Topokki’s popularity has been soaring after the company started supplying the product under a private brand to Korean convenience stores such as Seven-Eleven and GS25.
Rice Sweet Snack of DongHwa CNF is sweet and crispy. Thanks to the concept of a traditional snack that reminds people of their hometowns in the countryside, this rice snack is loved by middle-aged consumers in their 40s and 50s. Aromatic and sweet Yakgwa is a bite-sized cookie, which is also good as a nutritious snack for children. The product boasts the largest share of the Korean yakgwa market. Mr. Jang says with pride, “The strongest point of DongHwa CNF is thorough quality control. We have already obtained certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO14001. We have staff who are only responsible for the quality of our products and they always stay on our production lines. Because we maintain the highest standards for the taste and quality of our confectionary products, large Korean confectionary producers often approach us with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) offers. We also plan to obtain HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification to assure consumers of the safety of our products.”






Advancing to Japan, China, the US, and Southeast Asia…The Next Challenge Is to Enter the Organic Snack Market

Currently, DongHwa CNF’s confectionary products are distributed in Japan, China, the US, Taiwan, Singapore, and several other countries. In Japan, DongHwa CNF’s confectionary foods are sold in 100 Yen Shops and Korean supermarkets near Shin-Okubo (a street in Tokyo famous for Hallyu, the Korean culture wave). They are also supplied to big supermarkets in China, including RT Mart, and Korean supermarkets in the US. Two years ago, DongHwa CNF started selling its confectionary products under a private brand to the Costco supermarkets in the US.
Among the exported products, the snacks that feature the unique Korean flavor, such as Sindangdong Original Topokki, are particularly popular with Japanese consumers. Rice Sweet Snack is selling well at a high price in China. The largest consumer groups for this rice snack are the local middle class and high-income consumers.
Mr. Jang shares the plans of DongHwa CNF: “We will participate in to introduce our snacks with their unique Korean flavor to the Japanese people who are interested in Hallyu and Korean cuisine. Through tasting events, we will actively promote our confectionary foods―such as Sindangdong Original Topokki, Rusk (a crispy snack with topokki taste), a sweet chocolate-flavored snack, and soft cookies―to foreign buyers and other participants of the fair. Nowadays, the trends in the worldwide confectionary market are healthy eating and organic foods. We are going to release a healthy snack product made of organic ingredients soon and want to challenge for entry into the overseas markets of organic snacks.”

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