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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
A Quartet of Good Snacks Catering to Children  [2016/05/24]
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A Quartet of Good Snacks Catering to Children

A Quartet of Good Snacks Catering to Children

Every parent wants to give their child a snack that is both tasty and safe. When choosing a snack for a child, it is no surprise that parents lay their eyes on more wholesome snacks made with healthy ingredients.
In Korea, organic snacks and snacks containing no artificial additives are continuously released on the market and are attracting a lot of attention among Korean parents.
Tium International is a Korean snack exporter whose slogan is “Offering healthy and good snacks for children.” Since last year, Tium International has begun actively introducing organic snacks to foreign markets.


Making Efforts to Produce Safe Snacks with the Daddy’s Heart

Tium International was established in 2012 with the purpose of producing snacks that, out of considerations for consumer health, are made with somewhat more expensive but environmentally friendly ingredients. These ingredients are used instead of cheaper imported ingredients. The company is still a start-up and does not yet have its own snack-manufacturing factory.
However, Tium International has reached out to several producers with its message and is currently producing organic snacks through OEM (original equipment manufacturing) at their factories.
Mr. John Park, CEO of Tium International, explains, “As a dad with two daughters, I want to produce safe and good quality snacks catering to children. I am putting all my heart into this endeavor and that is why I established Tium International. My goal is to produce snacks―with Korean ingredients and in modernized manufacturing facilities―that can appeal to consumers worldwide.”


“i Snack” for Infants―Made with Organic Ingredients Such as Brown Rice Grown without Pesticides

Tium International is exporting overseas four types of snacks: i Snack, Kimstar, Natto Choco, and Simply Grain.
i Snack is Tium’s flagship product. It is designed for infants and children. The main ingredient is brown rice grown without agricultural chemicals. The snack also contains dried organic strawberry, environmentally friendly spinach, organic yogurt, and organic sugar.
What’s more, some powder of cheonggukjang (Korean fast-fermented soybean paste) is added to the snack to facilitate digestive absorption of the product by infants and children.
The snack is produced through a puffing method in which high temperature and high pressure are applied in lieu of frying. The method allows the taste and nutrition of the ingredients to be maintained while also making the snack low in calories (about 120-130kcal per 30g). This is a mere one-third of the caloric value of common snacks.
i Snack is as small as an infant’s finger, so it is easy for infants to grip the snack with their hands. The product comes in three flavors: spinach, strawberry and yogurt, and cheese.


The Merit of Producing Wholesome Snacks― Featuring Seaweed, Cheonggukjang, and Grains

Kimstar is a seaweed snack made with Korean seaweed, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers. The main ingredients are seaweed, glutinous rice paste, and sesame oil.
The product comes in three flavors: sesame, almond, and gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). Kimstar is crispy as it is also produced through the puffing method. What’s more, it is low in calories (below 100kcal per 20g).
Natto Chocolate is chocolate-coated balls of freeze-dried fermented soybeans (cheonggukjang beans). Cheonggukjang―one of the Korean fermented foods―is rich in nutrition and effective in preventing cardiovascular disorders and osteoporosis.
However, many people dislike cheonggukjang for its smell. Natto Chocolate does not have the smell of cheonggukjang but retains its taste, which is in great harmony with sweet chocolate.
The healthy chocolate balls come in three flavors: original (chocolate), blueberry, and strawberry.
Simply Grain is a healthy, low-calorie grain snack. It is made mainly of organic brown rice and has a simple taste. There are three types of the product: original (brown rice), purple sweet potato and sweet pumpkin, and blueberry. 


Making Inroads into Foreign Retail Stores and Organic Food Chain Stores

To advance into foreign markets, Tium International has been participating in international food trade fairs and promotional events since last year. At the fairs, it has actively introduced its organic snack products to foreign consumers.
The company is currently exporting its snacks to China (and Hong Kong), the US, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and several other countries. The representative foreign distributors dealing in the snacks of Tium International are Ole (a high-end retail store in China) and WholeFood Market (an organic food store chain in the US).
Recently, the snacks of Tium International succeeded in entering China’s largest online supermarket Yihaodian (1號店). What’s more, Tium International products were featured on China’s No. 1 home-shopping channel―HappiGo―so it is anticipated that the exports of snacks to China will further increase.
Mr. John Park speaks of his aspiration, “In the first half of this year, Tium International will participate in major foreign food trade fairs―FHI (Food&Hotel Indonesia), SIAL Shanghai, and Fancy Food Show (in New York)―to promote our snacks to foreign buyers and local consumers. We will use these opportunities to cultivate foreign distribution networks and further expand the market for our organic snacks into the US, China, and Southeast Asia.” 


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