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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
High-end Korean Baby Snacks Aim at the Chinese Market  [2016/04/19]
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High-end Korean Baby Snacks Aim at the Chinese Market

Samah International to Participate in MICF 2016 Fair…Focus on Promoting High Quality Wafer Products for Babies


The Chinese government has started enforcing the new, “two children per household” policy this year, and many economists predict that Chinese consumption of baby products will rapidly increase. Against this backdrop, Korean food exporters are quickly entering the Chinese baby food market. Samah International is one such company. It will participate in the 23rd Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair 2016 (MICF 2016) to promote its high quality snack products for babies, such as wafers and waffles.

Partnership with World- Famous Snack Brands such as KRAFT, Glico, and Orion

Established in 1984, Samah International is producing wafers, waffles, and other high-end snacks under the slogan of “delivering healthy and delicious snacks to consumers.” The company has the advantages of high food safety and over 30 years of know-how in snack production. Samah International has been actively supplying snack products to world-famous snack companies (such as KRAFT and Glico of Japan) and domestic snack companies (such as Orion and Lotte) through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) agreements. It is also selling its products under PB (private brands) in the big three Korean distributors (Emart, Lotte Mart, and Homeplus) as well as eco-friendly stores.
Samah International noticed the growing consumption of high-quality imported baby foods in China and conducted a market study there which demonstrated a rather narrow selection of high-end baby snack products available to Chinese consumers. That is how the company decided to knock on the doors of Chinese high-end baby snack market.

Advance into China with the Flagship Product, Wafers, Under the Company’s Own Brand SAM

The flagship product of Samah International are wafers. They are fortified with vitamins and calcium and contain no trans fat or cholesterol due to the use of vegetable fat and oil. Vanilla extract gives the wafers the unique natural fragrance of wafers. The company released a new, gluten-free wafer product for babies in 2010 and has received many favorable evaluations from consumers. The product uses Korean potato starch and brown rice instead of wheat flour. It comes in several flavors including vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. The bite-sized wafers for babies are also enjoying popularity in the market.
Recently, Samah International launched its own brand SAM, which offers products in three categories: for children (SAM’s Kids), organic products (SAM’s Nature), and common products (SAM’s Bon and SAM’s Good). The SAM’s Kids wafer products are made under the concept of “the first snack for infants.” Its nutritional contents are enriched with protein, iron, and calcium, which are essential for children’s health. The product also contains healthy vegetables, such as spinach and carrots. SAM’s Nature offers premium wafer products made with organic ingredients such as wheat flour, vegetables, and fruits. SAM’s Bon and SAM’s Good products focus on retaining the original taste of wafers.
Samah International has been steadily promoting various types of high-end snack products to overseas consumers. These include waffle snacks (which feature the harmony of the simple taste of butter and the unique crispiness of waffles), cereal bars (healthy snacks made with whole grains and nuts and rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber), and crackers (made with organic whole grains and natural ingredients).

More Effort in Securing Food Safety

To meet the high expectations of overseas consumers, Samah International is making great efforts to secure food safety. To this end, the company is using its know-how in food safety management, which it has accumulated through partnerships with world-famous snack companies. To ensure thorough sanitary and safety controls, it is applying a CIP (cleaning in place) system in the workplaces of its employees. All of the facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―are highly hygienic and possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) certification. In 2001, the company established a food research center that conducts analysis of ingredients and other safety tests of all its snack products.


Participating in MICF 2016… Plans to Advance into the Chinese Premium Baby Snack Market

Samah International first entered foreign markets in the late 2000s, and it has been steadily exporting its snack products―including wafers―to Weihai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and other Chinese cities as well as to Japan. The company plans to advance into the Chinese premium baby snack market this year, and to this end, it will promote its new baby snack products at the MICF 2016 trade fair held in Beijing City this April. Samah International is also examining the opportunities to enter China’s fast-growing online and mobile phone markets.

Mr. Chae Hong-yong, CEO of Samah International

“We Will Become a Global Exporter of Baby Snacks with High Food Safety”


What are the strong points of the snack products of Samah Interna-tional?
The biggest merit of our snacks is high food safety. We have maintained partnerships with world-famous snack companies such as KRAFT and Orion and learned how to manage food safety (through the selection for ingredients, tests for heavy metal contents and germs, and so on) from them.
How do you plan to promote your products at MICF 2016?
In fact, many Chinese consumers are unfamiliar with wafers and waffles for babies, so we will focus on raising awareness of our snack products at MICF 2016. We will promote our snacks as high-end snacks for babies and emphasize the merits of our products, such as the use of organic ingredients and enriched nutritional contents. We hope to have a strong showing at the fair.
What are the next goals of Samah International?
Capitalizing on participation in MICF 2016, we will enter the Chinese baby snack market, and it is most important that we raise awareness of our brand.
We also plan to steadily conduct market studies in order to develop new snack products that can captivate the taste buds of Chinese consumers. We hope to make our entry into the Chinese market the basis for becoming a truly global exporter of snacks for babies.


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