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Prepared cereals

Prepared cereals
Sogon Sogon Snack Time  [2016/05/18]
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Sogon Sogon Snack Time

Sogon Sogon Snack Time

Bokumjari’s Premium Snacks for Infants, Made with Rice and Fruits
The Chinese government had been enforcing a birth control policy―only one child per household―since 1980, but the recent low birthrate and rapidly aging population have emerged as major social problems in the country, so the restrictions have now been eased. The new, “two children per household” policy is designed to resolve some of the above-mentioned problems, and many economists predict that the Chinese consumption of baby products―such as baby food―will be rapidly increasing. Against these backdrops, Korean food exporters are quickly entering the Chinese baby food market. Bokumjari is one such company. It first exported its premium baby foods―such as rice snacks, rice chips, and rice smoothies―to China last November and is actively promoting its products among local consumers.
 Export Contract Signed with a Big Chinese Buyer Last September

Established in 1981, Bokumjari is a producer and exporter of high-quality tea and jam products. The company noticed the trend for the growing consumption of high-quality imported foods for infants among medium- and high-income groups in China and Southeast Asia. At that time, Bokumjari started developing its own premium infant food products. Market surveys revealed that Chinese moms are especially interested in healthy snacks whose safety is guaranteed, so the company released the premium snack product for infants “Sogon Sogon Snack Time.” The snack is made with rice and organic fruits.
Ms. Nina Kim―a manager of the sales team in the business department―explains, “China and Southeast Asia have a rice culture like Korea. Thanks to the healthy living trend, local mothers look for snack products made with natural ingredients such as fruits to give to their babies. We developed an infant snack that brings together rice and fruits. We have steadily introduced our snack at international food fairs in China and Southeast Asia and finally succeeded in making an export contract with a big Chinese buyer last September.”

Comes in Three Types: Rice Snack, Rice Chip, and Rice Smoothie

Bokumjari’s premium infant snack Sogon Sogon Snack Time comes in three varieties: Rice Snack, Rice Chip, and Rice Smoothie. All of them are free of artificial additives, such as artificial colors, and contain no sugar or salt.
Rice Snack can be given to infants twelve months and up. The main ingredient of the product is brown rice grown organically. The snack is made using a puffing method in which a temperature over 100℃ and high pressure are applied in lieu of frying. The method helps maintain the taste and nutrition of the ingredients while also making the snack low in calories (about 100kcal per 25g). This is a mere one-third of the caloric value of common snacks. The product comes in three flavors: strawberry, sweet pumpkin, and spinach. Each product has a different type of nutrition―lactic acid bacillus (strawberry), zinc (sweet pumpkin), and calcium (spinach).
Rice Chip can be eaten by babies six months and older. It is also produced through a puffing method. The product comes in four flavors. Its main ingredients are organic brown rice and organic white rice. The Rice Chip product is also a low calorie food (135-140kcal per 36g). Each Rice Chip contains the healthy and natural powders of fruits (strawberry, blueberry, etc.), vegetables (such as purple sweet potato and broccoli), or seafood (anchovy, seaweed, and so on). The raw ingredients for the powders are grown in Korea.
Rice Smoothie is mainly made with organic GABA brown rice. Rich in lysine proteins, it is good for promoting the growth and development of children. The product is a nutritious beverage containing fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the organic brown rice, it has a smoother, more aromatic taste than other beverages made with fruits and vegetables. Rice Smoothie is offered in four flavors. Sweet pumpkin and pear are recommended for babies from eight months, whereas the mango and apple-carrot flavors can be given to infants who are twelve months and older. The smoothie is low in calories (75-90kcal per 85g).
Thorough Control of Food Safety and Appealing Design of Packaging

Bokumjari is making a lot of efforts to secure food safety.  The packaging design of the premium infant snack product uses the colors of the pastel tones that infants and children like, and all edges of the product have a round shape. What’s more, the snack is as small as an infant’s finger, so it is easy for infants to grip the snack with their hands.

Supplied to High-end Chinese Grocery Stores

After an export contract was signed between Bokumjari and a big Chinese buyer last September, the infant snacks―Rice Snack, Rice Chip, and Rice Smoothie―have been supplied to major cities in mainland China from last November. These cities include Shanghai, Beijing, and Gwangzhou. The main distribution channels are premium food stores in famous department stores, food stores for babies, and local high-end retail chains such as Ole. The products are also going to be distributed in major Chinese supermarkets such as Carrefour and Sam’s Club.
To enter into the Southeast Asian markets―Thailand, Vietnam, and so on―where the consumption of Korean agri-products is steadily increasing thanks to the popularity of Hallyu (Korean culture), Bokumjari is negotiating with big local buyers about the export of its premium infant snack products.
Mr. Jeong Chan-soo, the CEO of Bokumjari, speaks of his aspiration, “We hope foreign infants who eat our premium infant snack products grow well and enjoy the tea and jam products of Bokumjari in the future. Bokumjari will develop as a premium food company by producing high-quality processed agri-products and exporting them.”
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