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Korean Kimchi Grand Master Makes Entry to Halal Market  [2015/12/07]
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Korean Kimchi Grand Master Makes Entry to Halal Market

Hansung Food Actively Exports Kimchi Products Possessing Halal Certification to Halal Markets such as Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore

The 2015 K-Food Fair was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last August. A variety of Korean agri-products that local buyers and consumers enjoy were displayed at the fair. Among them, kimchi products produced by Hansung Food attracted a lot of Malaysian people. Hansung’s kimchi products have halal certification, so through active sales meetings with halal buyers, the company was able to gain the attention of many local buyers during the fair.


Operated by The First Korean Kimchi Grand Master… Hansung Kimchi Tasted by Pope Francis

Established in 1986, Hansung Food has about 30 years of knowhow in kimchi production. The company is run by Ms. Kim Soon-ja, who is designated as a Korean food master (No. 29) by the Korean government and was the first among the experts in kimchi to receive the title. The company has three kimchi-production factories (located in Bucheon City of Gyeonggi Province, Seosan City of South Chuncheong Province, and Jincheon County of North Chung Cheong Province). The annual kimchi production is 22,000 tons. Some 200 kinds of kimchi are offered. Hansung Food is Korea’s second largest kimchi producer in terms of the production scale and has the largest share of the Korean kimchi ingredient market.
Taking pride in the fact that its kimchi is made by a Korean kimchi grand master, Hansung Food puts a lot of effort into managing its kimchi manufacturing facilities in a hygienic way in order to ensure the quality and high food safety of its products. The hygiene facilities at all three factories―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) certification. The company also succeeded in obtaining ISO22000 certification for the food safety management system.
What’s more, Hansung Food adheres to the principle of using only Korean ingredients to make kimchi since they are producing a type of Korean traditional food.
The kimchi master, Kim Soon-ja, explained, “We have rules to use the selected ingredients and manage the quality thoroughly, so we’ve been able to supply our kimchi products to famous international events. These included the 2012 Yeosu Expo and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. We also served our kimchi (a white kimchi product) to Pope Francis when he visited Korea last August.”


Popular Among Young Muslim Females and Vegetarians

Hansung Food is actively exporting its healthy kimchi products to 14 countries including Japan, the US, Russia, Australia, and European countries. It is investing a lot of effort into entering the halal market, which encompasses 1.8 billion Muslim people. Many of them prefer healthy foods and vegetarian foods for religious reasons.
Since 2010, Hansung Food has steadily participated in international food fairs held in the Middle East to promote its kimchi products among the local people. From January 2011, it started supplying its products to a big distributor in Dubai. What’s more, Hansung Food’s kimchi is sold in the K-Food Shop that opened for the first time in Dubai last September. Through the shop, the company is helping to increase awareness of the taste and health benefits of kimchi among the people of the Middle East.
Hansung Food possesses halal certification for six kimchi products: pogi-kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi), kkakdugi (radish kimchi), mat-kimchi (sliced napa cabbage kimchi), yeolmu-kimchi (young summer radish kimchi), baek-kimchi (white kimchi), and chonggak-kimchi (whole radish kimchi). The certification was obtained through KMF (Korea Muslim Federation) in September 2013. Since then, the company has been exporting the certified produce to Southeastern Asian countries such as Malaysia, which is known as a hub of world halal food, and Singapore.
In the halal market, pogi-kimchi and mat-kimchi are enjoying the highest sales. Crispy kkakdugi and chonggak-kimchi are also popular with local people. The response of Muslim consumers to white kimchi (which targets those who dislike spicy foods) is also good.
Ms. Kim says, “Thanks to the popularity of Hallyu in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, the number of local people who know about kimchi continues to increase. Kimchi is becoming popular as a healthy food among young Muslim women and vegetarians, so we anticipate that the exports of kimchi products to the halal market will expand further.”


Additional Information 1

Four Healthy Fusion Kimchi Products of Hansung Food


Cabbage and Sesame Leaf Kimchi Wraps: The main ingredients are red cabbage and perilla leaves. The product attracts many people with the crispy taste of cabbage and delicate fragrance of sesame leaves.

Mini Roll Kimchi Wraps: The seasoning of rolled kimchi is made with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, seafood, and nuts. Thanks to the spicy flavor and unique taste, the product is especially popular with foreigners.

Sea Mustard Kimchi Wraps with Gardenia: Sea mustard and various vegetables are wrapped in thin radish slices, which are colored in gardenia water. Thanks to its unique taste and creative cooking method, the kimchi received the second prize at the World Women Invention Contest held in Korea in 2015.

Emperor Kimchi: Seven kinds of healthy finger-sized kimchi (including cabbage and sesame leaf kimchi wraps and mini roll kimchi wraps) of Hansung Food are arranged in a specially-made earthenware bowl. The product was a sensation when it was displayed at the 2010 Dabos Forum.


Additional Information 2

Kim Soon-ja’s Kimchi Theme Park

Established in Bucheon City of Gyeonggi Province in March of 2012, Kim Soon-ja’s Kimchi Theme Park is a destination for kimchi tours and experiences. Korean kimchi grand master Kim Soon-ja personally gives a kimchi-making performance and introduces the history and excellence of kimchi to the visitors.
Several customized kimchi experience programs are prepared for different types of visitors such as preschoolers, school children, teenagers, and foreigners. Seasonal programs, including a kimchi experience weekend with the family, are organized every year from May to October. What’s more, a kimchi delivery service to Incheon Airport is offered for groups of foreign visitors. Reservations can be arranged by phone (+070-4251-1212) and on the internet (




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