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Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts

Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts
Feel the Refreshing Taste of Rubus Coreanus  [2014/03/05]
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Feel the Refreshing Taste of Rubus Coreanus



Healthy Beverage Aedream
Made with the Korean Raspberry,
Rubus Coreanus

You can see a wide variety of berries on the health food and beverage markets - from blueberry, cranberry, elderberry, raspberry, black raspberry, and blackberry to strawberry, mulberry, bilberry, ginseng berry, and acai berry. In any cafe or convenience store, you can find beverages made with berries. Korea produces and exports many berry beverages. Some of them use a berry unfamiliar to foreigners. That is bokbunja - the Korean variety of raspberry, whose scientific name is rubus coreanus.







The Name Literally Means “A Berry That Turns Over a Chamber Pot”

Rubus coreanus is a species of raspberry native to Korea and it is commonly used in oriental medicine. The berry is rich in anthocyanin, lyphenols, and vitamins A and C. What’s more, it is very effective in improving kidney function. And that’s how it received its Korean name. In the word bokbunja (복분자[覆盆子]), bok (覆) is the Chinese character meaning “turn over.” Bun (盆) stands for “chamber pot,” and ja (子) signifies “berry.” In short, it is a berry that lets you turn a chamber pot over. That is, it makes a chamber pot unnecessary. Korean companies are trying to make this healthy berry easily accessible to consumers through beverages. Among them, the beverage Aedream is receiving a particularly warm welcome in ASEAN.







Made with Real Juice of Rubus Coreanus
Oligosaccharides Instead of Sugar

Aedream is the brand name of the rubus coreanus beverage produced by Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corp. The company brings together 1,376 farms located in Gochang County, South Jeolla Province. This area is the main producer of rubus coreanus with a 40 percent share of the total rubus coreanus cultivated in Korea. The area is also famous for the clean environment and UNESCO designated Gochang as a biosphere reserve last May.
To produce a safe food product, nothing is more important than fresh ingredients cultivated in uncontaminated soil. Aedream is made only with the rubus coreanus grown in Gochang County. But that’s not the only reason why the beverage is coming into the spotlight in the ASEAN market. The product is also free of artificial flavors and colors. Importantly, no sugar is used. Aedream is made with 70 percent rubus coreanus juice, 20 percent water, and 10 percent oligosaccharides.
Seo Chi-jeong, President of Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corp., explains, “The content of bokbunja in the beverage is so high that you can’t see through the bottle. Out of considerations for consumer health, we use oligosaccharides instead of sugar. Unlike sugar, it is rich in dietary fiber and makes people’s bones stronger by assisting in the absorption of calcium into the body. And it encourages the growth of bifidobacteria, the good bacteria that each of us naturally has in our intestines.”What’s more, the pasteurization is conducted at a low temperature to minimize the loss of nutrients, which is common for the beverages sterilized at a high temperature. All the processing is performed at facilities certified with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Product) in August 2011. The company has also obtained FDA and halal certifications for the product.







Popular at Drugstores in ASEAN
Effective in Skin Care…Sells Well at Beauty Salons

Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corporation first participated in an international food expo in Singapore in 2010 with the intention of starting exports overseas. Its products immediately received a positive response. The company soon signed an export contract with Healthtrends Co., Ltd. and started shipping beverages to foreign markets. Through this contract, Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corp. has exported USD$1,000,000 worth of Aedream since last May. In June of this year, the contract was renewed and the corporation exported seven additional tons of Aedream and three tons of blueberry beverages.
Aedream is being sold at drugstores and health food stores in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. After the news spread that rubus coreanus is effective for skin care, the beverage became popular at beauty salons. Based on the successful experience in the ASEAN markets, Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corporation is planning to extend the markets to other regions.
President Seo said, “To increase the export volume, the corporation is doing its best to expand the farming areas and start exports to the US and Japan.”

Inquiries Gochang Hwangto Bokbunja Corp.
Tel +82-63-564-9909 Fax +82-63-563-2280

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