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Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts

Preps. of Vegs., Fruit, Nuts
Producing Healthier Kimchi, More Co., Ltd.  [2016/05/24]
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Producing Healthier Kimchi, More Co., Ltd.

More Safety & Diversity, Stricter Standards

 More Co., Ltd.―located in Yeongcheon City of North Gyeongsang Province―spun off as an independent company in 2006. It originally was the export department of Jeongan Nursery Corp., the company that pioneered exports of Korean kimchi to Japan in 1988. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that More Co., Ltd. has been at the vanguard of kimchi exports.
From the beginning, More Co., Ltd. set as its target the market it was best familiar with, Japan, and concentrated its efforts on securing food safety. 

 Witnessing Kimchi Exports from Beginning…Capacity to Produce Customized Products

To ensure the safety of the product, thorough quality management starts from the selecting and cleaning of the ingredients. Since kimchi is a traditional food, the company adheres to the principle of only using Korean vegetables both as main (napa cabbage and radish) and sub ingredients (red pepper powder, garlic, onion).
All of the ingredients are washed five times in natural bedrock water. And there’s more. The next step is the washing using micro bubbles. Then, ingredients pass through machines that filter out fine dust. Only after this cleaning process is complete are the ingredients seasoned.
More Co., Ltd. also puts a lot of effort into managing its manufacturing facilities in a hygienic way. To keep the workplace clean, the factory (about 2,000㎡) applies the CIP (Cleaning In Place) system. The factory’s hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification. The company also succeeded in obtaining ISO22000 for the food safety management system. Lee Kang-shik, the overseas team manager of More Co., Ltd. said, “We have rules to use the selected ingredients and manage the quality thoroughly, and it’s on that basis that we’ve been able to supply our kimchi products for almost 30 years to the famous Japanese kimchi distribution company Sanki.”
Another strong point of More Co., Ltd. is customized exports. The company can make a variety of products based on the preferences of consumers and demands of foreign buyers. It can also make packages of different sizes―from small to large. More Co., Ltd. currently produces 160 kinds of kimchi including baechu-kimchi (made of napa cabbage), kkakdugi (diced radish), chonggak-kimchi (young radish), yeolmu-kimchi (radish leaf), and mugeunji (well fermented kimchi).
Mr. Lee said, “Thanks to Hallyu in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, more and more local people know about kimchi. Kimchi is becoming popular as a healthy food among young Muslim women and vegetarians, so we anticipate that exports of kimchi products to the halal market will expand further.”

 Additional Information

More Co., Ltd. has been launched a new product, Bibimbap Namul. In it, the toppings for bibimbap―sauteed and seasoned vegetables such as spinach, bean sprouts, radish, carrots, and mushrooms―are mixed with gochujang (red pepper paste) and frozen. With this product, you can easily enjoy bibimbap at home by just putting the product on a bowl of hot rice.
Mr. Lee said, “Thanks to the popularity of Hansik (Korean cuisine) overseas, the number of foreigners in ASEAN, especially Vietnam, seeking bibimbap is increasing. I have met many foreigners who want to cook bibimbap at home but can’t because they cannot get the ingredients. That is why we invented this product.”


Top 5 Products of More Co., Ltd.

 1cm Kimchi
More Co. Ltd.’s main and best export item is kimchi finely chopped into square pieces 1cm in size. This kimchi is perfect as a side to udong or other noodle dishes. The product is distributed as a food ingredient to large restaurants and buffets in Japan.

 Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce is made with kimchi seasoning and tomato puree. It can add fragrance and flavor to a wide variety of dishes including kimchi-bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice). The product is popular and sells well at major Japanese distributor Aeon. It also goes into many dishes of the Japanese izakaya franchise chain Monteroza.

  Kimchi with Shrimp in a Jar
It is a 100 percent handmade, premium kimchi with shrimp. It targets the Japanese consumers who like shrimp. Dried shrimp is applied as a seasoning between the leaves of napa cabbage, layer by layer, starting from the outer ones at the bottom. The packaging, which is in a kimchi jar shape, is one of the secrets of the product’s popularity. These days, the product is receiving positive responses from Chinese people overseas in the US and Singapore.

 Small Packaged Mat-kimchi
Mat-kimchi (sliced kimchi) is packaged in transparent cups 70g in size. The product became a hit at convenience stores where consumers often buy it together with cupped ramen or a lunch box. It’s also popular for use at home as there is no need to take kimchi out from the refrigerator and cut it before a meal.

This is a healthy kimchi product to which seaweed calcium and vegetable lactic-acid fermented extract were added. Of course, no MSG (monosodium L-glutamate) or artificial flavors are used.



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