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Nature’s Nature-Marinade for Beef  [2014/03/05]
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Nature’s Nature-Marinade for Beef



With Nature’s Nature,
Making a Korean Dish Is
a Piece of Cake

These days many foreigners enjoy eating bulgogi (slices of beef marinated in soy sauce), galbi (braised short ribs), kimchi, and other Korean dishes. On the other hand, making Korean food is not that easy. It is even more difficult if you are a foreigner. But there’s no longer a reason to worry. With Nature’s Nature, you can cook Korean dishes very easily.

Jinsung F.M. is a Korean food company producing a variety of sauces. Kim Jin-soo, President of Jinsung F.M., introduces his company, “Since its foundation in 1994, Jinsung F.M. has grown into a company with a sound financial base. We supply different types of sauces, including soy sauce, vinegar beverages (Hongcho), and gochujang (red pepper paste), to large Korean corporations. As the company has been growing, we’ve started to receive export offers from overseas buyers. That is why we decided to commence exports and created the export sauce brand Nature’s Nature.”







Just like the Brand’s Name, the Products of Nature’s Nature Are Made with Natural Ingredients

Nature’s Nature is the brand name of sauce products exported by Jinsung F.M. Mr. Kim said, “Our factory has obtained the international certifications HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Product), Organic Process System, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and FSSC22000. Having built this certified production system, we are doing our best to make the highest-quality sauces. True to the brand’s name, we never use MSG (monosodium glutamate) or any other chemical additives.” Healthy ingredients is one of the strong points of Nature’s Nature. For example, the main ingredient for many Korean sauce products - soy sauce - is always produced domestically. Ground pear is used to minimize the use of sugar in the products.


Flooded with Inquiries from Overseas Buyers Just One Year after Beginning Exports

Many foreign buyers give Nature’s Nature two thumbs-up for the product labels. The label on each bottle of the products contains detailed information on the ingredients and nutrition in the local language (English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and so on). It also includes some recipes for those who are unfamiliar with Korean cuisine and do not know how to use the sauce.
Jinsung F.M. is currently negotiating an export contract with a European company and an Indone- sian meat distributor. To meet the needs of the Indonesian client, Jinsung F.M. is developing a sauce in a pouch-type package.
The sauce will be sold together with meat as a set product. Costco is also interested in the products of Nature’s Nature.







Leading the Globalization of Hansik with New Sauces

Jinsung F.M. exports six kinds of sauces: bulgogi, galbi, japchae, kimchi, spicy teriyaki, oriental salad dressing, and hot sauce. Among them, the bulgogi and galbi sauces are the most popular.
Mr. Kim said, “Since the company established its own R&D institute in 2007, we’ve applied for several patents. These include a technique of peptide production utilizing black beans, a technique of making refined crispy rice crust, and several others. Our researchers are continuously working on developing hansik sauces of diverse flavors. Our export goal for 2014 is USD$1 million. To achieve this goal, we are doing our best to offer consumers a variety of hansik sauces made with safe Korean ingredients.”






The Three Strengths of Nature’s Nature

1. Various Sizes
For the domestic use, Nature’s Nature offers each product in the sizes of 250g, 300g, 500g, and 900g. There are also jumbo sizes intended for restaurant use - 18kg and 20kg. At a buyer’s request, Jinsung F.M. can manufacture Nature’s Nature products in other sizes.
2. Recipes
Each bottle of a Nature’s Nature product has a recipe written on its label. If it’s hard for you to follow the recipe, you can find a more detailed description supplemented with pictures on the Facebook page of Jinsung F.M. (
3. Available on the Internet
You can purchase Nature’s Nature products with just the click of a mouse. They can be easily found on EC21, Buy Korea, Alibaba, and other shopping sites.

How to Cook Bulgogi with the Nature’s Nature Sauce

Main Ingredients: Nature’s Nature bulgogi sauce, beef 500g, onions, carrots, mushrooms, cellophane noodles

1. Remove fat from the beef and cut it into pieces 0.2cm wide. Chop up other ingredients.
2. Marinate with Nature’s Nature (100g) for about 30 minutes.
3. Preheat a pan with oil and stir-fry the beef.
4. Add other ingredients and cook until the beef is completely cooked.






Additional Information

Take Note of This Product! Kimchi Sauce

Recently, Jinsung F.M. released a new sauce - Kimchi Sauce. With this product, you can make several kimchi dishes such as baechu-kimchi (napa cabbage kimchi), mulkimchi (water kimchi), and kimchijjigae (spicy stew made with ripened kimchi, pork, and tofu). Above all, you’ll be able to cook kimchi by yourself and enjoy it fresh with active lactobacillus.

Inquiries Jinsung F.M
Tel +82-2-575-0261
Fax +82-2-575-1105

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