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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Rice Beverage “Morning Rice”  [2014/03/05]
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Rice Beverage “Morning Rice”

Rice Beverage “Morning Rice” Is Popular in China Thanks to the Good Taste and High Nutrition


A Korean rice beverage sales promotion was successfully held in Xinhuadu (the largest distributor of Fujiansheng) for the last two weeks of December. The event was co-hosted by the Shanghai aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation) office and Woongjin Foods Co., Ltd. (Korean beverage exporter). Many different types of Woongjin beverages - including Morning Rice (their flagship product), Grateful Nature, and Sky Barley - received a lot of attention from Chinese consumers.
Woongjin Foods is the first company to introduce Korean rice beverages to foreign people. It is a representative Korean beverage exporter that actively promotes Korean healthy beverages in China and Southeast Asian countries. Established in 1976, the beverage company has been exporting products - such as Morning Rice and Green Plum - that reflect Korea’s unique qualities and food culture. Thanks to these efforts, in 2010 its Grateful Nature line of juices was selected as a “First-class Product for the Next Generation” by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE). In the same year, Woongjin Foods received an Export Award from MAFRA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs).







Top Export Brands: Morning Rice, Grateful Nature, Green Plum, and Sky Barley

Among the beverages of Woongjin Foods, the flagship lines include Morning Rice, Grateful Nature, Green Plum, and Sky Barley. Two of them - Morning Rice and Grateful Nature - are particularly popular with Chinese consumers.
Morning Rice is made of grains such as rice, germinated brown rice, and black rice. This aromatic beverage has a smooth taste. It is low in fat and has no cholesterol, so it is a fantastic nutritious beverage. Due to these merits, in the first ten months after its release, Morning Rice sold 100 million bottles in Korea alone. The beverage is well-received in China as a healthy product. Woongjin Foods sells USD$3 million worth of Morning Rice in China every year.
A Chinese consumer who purchased Morning Rice at a sales promotion event for Korean rice beverages said, “It is my first time to try a rice beverage. I think it is especially good for children because it has a mild, sweet flavor and is full of nutrition. It can be a good substitute for cow or soybean milk.” According to Mr. Lin Zheng-de, general purchasing manager of Xinhuadu, “the rice beverages of Woongjin Foods are drawing keen attention from local consumers because they are unique, something Chinese people have never seen before.” He added, “We will actively promote the excellent Woongjin rice beverages to Chinese people at our stores.”
Grateful Nature is a brand of juices made of healthy fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, aloe, grapes, carrots, and so on. Its name in Korean is short for “nature’s blessings.” In China, Grateful Nature Aloe records especially high popularity among healthy juices.
Green Plum is made of plums, which are known to help digestion and be effective in overcoming fatigue. Sky Barley is good for quenching one’s thirst because it contains roasted barley and brown rice. Both types of beverages are steadily exported to foreign markets.







Supplied to Major Chinese Supermarkets and Convenience Stores…The Sales Target for 2016 Is USD$20 Million

Thanks to the popularity of Morning Rice and Grateful Nature in China, Woongjin Foods passed the USD$10 million sales mark in 2009. The company established its sales office at Shenzhen City (of Guangdong province) in 2010. Two years ago, Woongjin Foods set up a company in Shanghai to further expand its beverage sales in China. The Chinese branch of Woongjin Foods has recently started purveying Morning Rice and Grateful Nature to large local supermarkets and convenience stores.
Mr. Yoo Geun-yun, president of the Woongjin Foods Chinese branch, says, “Our goal for sales to China is to achieve USD$20 million in annual sales by 2016. We are doing our best to extend our beverage distribution network to the Chinese inland market. We plan to introduce blueberry beverages and soybean milk products to Chinese consumers who are highly interested in a healthy lifestyle.”





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