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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Drink Healthy! Donguinara’s Mulberry Water  [2015/01/06]
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Drink Healthy! Donguinara’s Mulberry Water

Keeps All Efficacies of Mulberry,
Good for Preventing Hypertension
and Adult Diseases


In old Oriental medical books, we can easily find information about the efficacies of the mulberry. Ancient Korean medical books often refer to this medicinal herb as good for reducing swelling, closing cuts, and treating paralysis. According to old Chinese records, the water boiled with frosted mulberry leaves can treat paralysis. In Japanese medical books, the leaves are even called the “miracle cure.”
Mulberry leaves are scientifically proven to be good for the health. They contain 50 kinds of minerals and other important ingredients such as calcium, iron, and protein. Thanks to the abundant nutrition, mulberry is known as good for overcoming diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, and adult diseases. Moreover, it is rich in fiber and therefore can help you lose weight and prevent constipation.
Donguinara Co., Ltd. is a Korean enterprise specializing in mulberry leaf products. Founded in 2003, it is actively using mulberry leaves to develop various products such as teas and beverages. The company is doing its best to popularize such products among a wide range of consumers.







Free of Sugar, Colorings, Preservatives, and Caffeine

The flagship of Donguinara Co., Ltd. is Mulberry Water.
The company developed this mulberry product in 2010 as a beverage to enjoy anywhere and anytime.
The product contains Vitamin C and is made of 99.97 percent mulberry leaves and branches. It has a delicate first taste and leaves a clean feeling in the mouth. Thanks to the high mulberry contents, it provides all the nutrition of the medicinal herb. In addition, no additives, such as sugar, food coloring, preservatives, or caffeine are added. Mulberry Water can be a good substitute for water because the beverage is calorie-free.
Kang Ki-un, President of Donguinara Co., Ltd., said, “People in the East have been enjoying mulberry for some 5,000 years. Mulberry Water is the world’s only beverage made with mulberry. Thanks to its healthy ingredients, you can enjoy it instead of water. This product won the gold prize in the 2012 Monde-Selection.”







Main Ingredients Obtained Organic Certifications in Korea and Japan

The ingredients―mulberry branches and leaves―are particularly important because their content in the beverage is so high (99.97 percent). For this reason, Donguinara Co., Ltd. directly manages a 23,100㎡ mulberry farm and applies strict standards to the mulberry cultivation. To keep the highest quality standards, the company grows mulberry in an ecologically clean way without the use of any chemicals. The quality of the farm’s mulberry has been proven with Korean organic certification (obtained in 2007) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) certification (2008).
Donguinara Co., Ltd. also receives some supply of mulberry through a cultivation contract with the farms in Naju City. Mr. Kang explained, “Naju City has a long history of mulberry cultivation. We have contracts with experienced farmers and are confident in the quality of the mulberry they produce.” When the company receives mulberry leaves from the farmers, it first focuses its efforts on sorting, sterilizing, and drying the leaves. Then, the beverage is produced at a beverage company that has specialized facilities and technology.







Efforts to Reinforce the Product’s Competitiveness…Preparing to Get Food Functionality Certification in Japan

Mulberry water gained recognition abroad faster than in the domestic market. A Japanese company which distributes Korean corn silk tea made an offer and Donguinara Co., Ltd. started exports to Japan. In the Korean market, the product was released a year later, in 2012.
Mr. Kang said, “Japanese consumers are well familiar with mulberry, so entering the Japanese market was easy. Now, we are doing our best to obtain the Japanese food functionality certification. It will help us increase the product’s competitive power. We will also promote this healthy beverage in China and Hong Kong and participate in overseas food expos to expand the export volume.”






Additional Information

Another Promising Product, Mulberry Tea

Mulberry Tea is the oldest product of Donguinara Co., Ltd. It was the representative product of the company before it launched Mulberry Water. Mulberry Tea comes in two types: tea bags and leaf tea. Both are made with 100 percent mulberry leaves that are picked in the season of the first frost. Kang Ki-un, President of Donguinara Co., Ltd., said, “We are the first company to invent mulberry tea and our mulberry tea manufacturing process is accepted as the standard nationwide.”






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Fax +82-61-336-5991

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