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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Korea Ginseng Wine  [2015/01/06]
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Korea Ginseng Wine

Say Goodbye to the Misconception
that All Alcohol Is Unhealthy…
Get Healthier with
Korea Ginseng Wine


One Root of Korea Ginseng in Each Bottle
More Saponin Contents, Less Ginseng Smell


With the increasing trend for healthy living, more and more people are looking for alcohol that they can enjoy without harming their health. There are many different types of healthy liquors in Korea and one of them is ginseng liquor. Korea, as the country of ginseng’s origin, has a long tradition of making alcohol with this life root. Korean ginseng liquor is now receiving a lot of attention overseas. In China and Vietnam, countless imitation products with the same name and packaging as the Korean originals have flooded the markets and created a lot of confusion. The caramel-based chemical colors and the smell of the artificial ginseng make the fake products incomparable to the original ginseng liquor. Still, due to the high popularity of the latter, the flow of imitation products never seems to cease.








Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. Crosses Over to China on Word of Mouth

Out of the various ginseng liquors, one product is currently a huge hit in China and Vietnam. That is the Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd., a company founded in December 2009. In this product, a whole root of ginseng is inserted in the distilled spirits made with four to five year old ginseng and red ginseng concentrate. Korea Ginseng Wine is sold at the Lotte Duty Free shops in Incheon International Airport.
Chinese consumers who purchased the product there passed on the word and this led to the beginning of exports to China in November of last year. Lee Young-chun, President of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd., says, “Sales of Korea Ginseng Wine really kicked off when we starting supplying the product to the duty free shops.” He also recalls, “Chinese tourists who bought our ginseng liquor in the airport were looking for our products in China, so a Chinese buyer contacted us first and that’s how we started the exports.”








Three Merits of Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd.: Subtle Fragrance, High Percentage of Saponin, and Usage of Four to Five Year Old Ginseng


The success of the Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. is not merely due to luck. First of all, the fragrance of the ginseng in the product is very delicate. Foreigners who are not used to ginseng are often repulsed by the strong smell of the roots. Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. has been able to resolve this problem by placing ginseng roots in another liquor for three to four months before moving them to the final product. In contrast, other companies usually just add fresh ginseng at the last stage.
If you are concerned that Korea Ginseng Wine may lose some key elements such as saponin because the roots are first kept in another liquor, there is no need to worry. A common way of checking the amount of saponin in a product is by shaking the bottle and looking at how much foam appears. If you use this method for the Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd., you’ll see a lot of foam and notice that the foam also does not fade away quickly. That is both because the quality of ginseng used is very high and because the concentration of ginseng in the product is high.
Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. only uses ginseng produced in Jinan County. Located at an altitude of 300-400 meters, Jinan County is famous for the alpine-grown ginseng cultivated in a clean environment. Compared to ginseng from other areas, the contents of saponin in it are relatively high. Its medicinal qualities also stand out. Above all, the roots are very firm and do not go soft easily. This makes Korea Ginseng Wine special.
What makes the product all the more attractive in China is that it uses four to five year old ginseng.
The products made with four to five year old ginseng are categorized in China as general food, not as health food, so the customs procedures for importing them are not as complicated.
Mr. Lee said, “We always try to do something different, unique, and new. We’ve tried several new methods―including adding a little bit of traditional Korean liquor in the distilled spirits―and applied for patents on our own ginseng liquor recipes. Many Chinese customers tell us that they enjoy our products because they taste similar to kaoliang liquor.”







Different Alcohol Proof According to the Export Market…Very Popular in Chinese Department Stores and Vietnamese Hotels

Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. is being sold at 100 stores of the largest Chinese distributor, RT-MART. It is also available at Shinsegye, one of the best department stores in Beijing, as well as in Ito-Yokado and Family Mart. In Vietnam, the product is sold in small quantities at the finest hotels. Since Chinese consumers prefer strong and hard liquor, the product sold in China has 38 percent alcohol, whereas that in the Vietnamese market has 19 percent alcohol contents. The company is also preparing a strong (53 percent) alcohol product for Russian and Chinese customers.
Mr. Lee shared his plans, “This year, I want to focus mainly on Japan, Nigeria, and the US to increase our export performance four times compared to last year.”







Additional Information

Received Awards at Traditional Korean Alcohol Beverage Contest for Three Consecutive Years
Korea Ginseng Wine of Taepyung Distillers Co., Ltd. is already famous in Korea for its quality. Since 2011, it has received awards at the Korea Traditional Alcohol Beverage Contest for three consecutive years. In 2012, the product was given an excellence award at the Jeonju International Food Fermentation Expo.





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