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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Jelly Beverage with Plenty of Collagen and Vitamins  [2015/07/01]
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Jelly Beverage with Plenty of Collagen and Vitamins

Jelly Beverage with Plenty of Collagen and Vitamins


Water Jelly of Good F&B Coming into the Spotlight Overseas among Health and Beauty Conscious Consumers


At Gulfood 2014, held last February in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), one group of products was on the tongues of many Middle Eastern buyers: the Water Jelly beverages produced by Good F&B. Jelly beverage products―such as Water Jelly―are still a novelty in Dubai. The Water Jelly product of Good F&B is also unusual because it comes in spout pouches that are easier to carry compared to beverages in cans or bottles. It is thanks to these merits that Water Jelly caught the eye of so many foreign buyers.
These days the interest in a healthy lifestyle and beauty is steadily rising among the people of the Middle East. The Water Jelly of Good F&B contains collagen and vitamin C, so it matches well the food trends of the region. Foreign buyers and consumers who came to Gulfood 2015 all gave high evaluations to this product.



Only Uses Organic Ingredients for Food Safety…No Artificial Additives

Established in Naju City of South Jeolla Province in 2006, Good F&B is a Korean beverage producer. At first, the company concentrated on making fruit beverages with pears―a specialty of Naju City. It later added the new lines of fruit beverages such as citron, grape, apple, and satsuma. It also added vegetable juices and a cupped jelly beverage and supplied them for school meals. All the beverages produced by Good F&B are made with organic ingredients to ensure food safety and children’s health. What’s more, the company has made it a rule to use no artificial additives such as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), synthetic preservatives, synthetic food dyes, or MSG (monosodium glutamate).
Good F&B is putting a lot of effort into managing its beverage manufacturing facilities in a hygienic way in order to ensure the high food safety of its products. To keep the workplace clean, Good F&B is applying the CIP (cleaning in place) system and has been designated as a “CLEAN Workplace” by the Korean Government. The company’s hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) certification. Good F&B also succeeded in obtaining ISO22000 certification for the food safety management system. Good F&B has staff who are only responsible for the quality of the beverages. In short, the company focuses on the production of reliable beverages in safe conditions.



Water Jelly Products Made of Natural Gelatin Extracted from Seaweed

The flagship product of Good F&B is its Water Jelly products. The main ingredient is natural gelatin extracted from seaweed. The products are also sugar free. They come in two categories: fruit water jelly products and healthy functional water jelly products.
The fruit water jelly beverages are offered in many different types such as pear, apple, grape, blueberry, lemon, citron, pomegranate, banana, and so on. The healthy functional water jelly beverages include: Collagen & Protein Water Jelly (fortified with collagen and protein), Fat-Burner Water Jelly (helps to lose weight), Multi-Vitamin Water Jelly (contains various vitamins), and Vita-Slush Water Jelly (can be consumed frozen).
Water Jelly is low in calories. The fruit water jelly products have an average of 90kcal and the healthy functional water jelly products average 30kcal. The company uses two types of packages for this line: in cups (75ml) and spout pouches (130ml).
Mr. Lee Ki-sun, CEO of Good F&B, emphasizes, “Our company has been producing Water Jelly at an automated production line since 2010. We have the capacity for making 100,000 units per day. The output is not that large, so our biggest strength is in the ability to make customized products with the ingredients and nutritional contents requested by consumers and buyers.”



Exported to China, Hong Kong, and Dubai

With the aid of aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.), Good F&B first earned an export contract with a Hong Kong vendor to supply the fruit water jelly beverage in 2013. The following year, it succeeded in exporting the product to mainland China. The water jelly beverages are supplied to mainland China and Hong Kong under the brand name “goodIs.” Starting this May, the water jelly beverage of Good F&B will be sold in Dubai, the hub of the Middle Eastern market. Good F&B had a sales meeting with the big local distributor Sull-Aria during Gulfood 2014 and continued business negotiations with it after the event. As a result, Good F&B recently successfully made an export contract for the amount of USD$800,000 to supply its healthy functional water jelly beverages.
Good F&B will enter Korean supermarkets in the US (H-Mart and Galleria Market) and Chinese supermarkets in Canada soon. It is also conducting business negotiations with buyers from Northern Europe and Malaysia.
Mr. Lee speaks of his aspiration, “We will develop water jelly fortified with dietary fibers for infants and advance into the baby food market overseas. We have set the goal to reach USD$1 million in exports this year. We will do our best to expand the exports of water jelly beverages to China and the Middle East where the consumption of healthy functional food is rising.”



Additional Information

Water Jelly Will Obtain Halal Certification Soon!

To cultivate the halal food market, Good F&B has applied for halal certification for its healthy functional water jelly through KMF (Korea Muslim Federation). The halal certification of KMF achieved equivalence with the JAKIM certification of Malaysia, one of the main halal food markets. With the certificate, the product will be exported to the Malaysian halal market.
Mr. Lee says, “Using Dubai as a stepping stone to export Water Jelly, we will focus on promoting healthy functional water jelly to female Malaysian consumers who are interested in beauty and dieting.”






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