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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Honeybee Wine Made with 100 Percent Environmentally Friendly Honey  [2015/07/21]
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Honeybee Wine Made with 100 Percent Environmentally Friendly Honey

Honeybee Wine Made with 100 Percent Environmentally Friendly Honey



No Additives or Artificial Flavorings, Excellence Recognized at International Wines and Spirits Expo


Ancient Scandinavians were said to enjoy mead, which is honey wine made by adding malt, yeast, flavorings, and water to honey. According to Northern European and Greek mythologies, wine made by fermenting honey was offered to the gods as an elixir. The mead was believed to have aphrodisiac effects, enhance skin care, reinforce stamina, and encourage fecundity. The anecdote of a just-married couple having the sweetish honey wine every night for one month is told about such a belief. The word honeymoon was derived from the honey wine mead and to this day is still widely used. Honey wine is also produced in Korea. The IBEE Agricultural Union Corporation, located in Yangpyeong County in Gyeonggi Province, is the sole company in Korea that produces the sweet wine.




IBEE Agricultural Union Corporation Developing and Supplying Processed Bee-Farming Products

Established in 2007, IBEE has taken the initiative in developing and promoting various processed bee-farming products. These include the propolis and bee-sting liquid that develop Korean apiculture and increase the incomes of farmers engaged in apiculture. Honey wine is the fruit of strenuous efforts made by IBEE to develop an excellent processed product. Mr. Yang Gyeong-yeol, CEO of IBEE Agricultural Union Corpora-tion, introduced his own honey wine based on research and development that was conducted starting from 2008. That research originated because bee-keepers traditionally made alcoholic drinks using honey residues and the drinks were always popular due to their tastes and sweetness.
Mr. Yang learned the technology for making wine from an agricultural institute and went through much trial and error. He finally succeeded in mass-producing the honey wine in 2014, four years after the research and development was first conducted.




Honeybee Wine, Sweet Wine Containing Eight Percent Alcohol

The honey wine produced by IBEE is named Honeybee Wine. It is made of 100 percent environmentally friendly Korean honey that beekeepers have harvested directly. Unlike other general types of wine made with fruits such as grapes, Honeybee Wine is made by adding only honey to a base liquor in which a lot of yeast is cultured and fermented. The method used is modified from one method of making traditional Korean liquor. Honeybee Wine is a sweetish wine containing eight percent alcohol and no preservatives, additives, and flavorings. It features a delicate honey scent and goes down the throat smoothly. Further, its sweet taste appeals to female consumers.
Mr. Yang explained that drinking Honeybee Wine before a meal can be helpful to enjoy the full tastes of the meal and drinking it after a meal can be good for removing the smells of food from the mouth after the meal. He added, “A rich honey scent lingering in the mouth makes you happy.”
The quality of Honeybee Wine has been recognized. The wine won the grand prize for two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013, at the Korean Wine Fair. There, the Korean government itself evaluates the qualities of domestically produced alcoholic drinks. In addition, the wine won the silver prize last year and the gold prize this year at the Monde Selection, which is a worldwide exhibition of alcoholic drinks. The excellence of Honeybee Wine has been proven by the prizes it has earned.




Use of Honey, Environmentally -Friendly and Produced in Clean Areas

As the taste and quality of Honeybee Wine have gradually become known, it is now being supplied to major Korean governmental organizations to be used as a gift to honored guests. It is also supplied to the main official residences and was used at a dinner party for the presidential inauguration. The favorable reviews of Honeybee Wine contribute to the high-quality honey being used as a main ingredient.
Honeybee Wine mainly uses honey produced by bee-keeping farmers in Yangpyeong County in Gyeonggi Province. The county, as Korea’s representative special zone of environmentally-friendly agriculture, boasts lucid water and clean nature.
It can thus produce all the more scrumptious honey. Also, the Gyeonggi provincial government to which the county belongs inspects and analyzes the hygiene, raw ingredients, and substances once every three months in conjunction with a consumer group. Only products passing the inspection and analysis can obtain a “G Mark” and improved reliability.
Mr. Yang said that the quality of honey is determined based on whether the honey is harvested from beehives in three or five days. He continued that, although IBEE gains less honey from harvesting every five days, the harvested honey has a higher concentration. According to Mr. Yang, IBEE is directly involved in the production of raw ingredients and can continuously maintain the high quality of the wine.




Efforts to Expand Exports including Participation in Overseas Exhibitions

Armed with the quality competitiveness of the Honeybee Wine, IBEE is now gearing up for full-fledged overseas exports. Currently, a small volume of the wine is being exported to Japan and IBEE is enthusiastically promoting the wine while continuously participating in exhibitions held abroad.
Mr. Yang said that various foreign countries, including China, are showing interest in Honeybee Wine and IBEE is examining the opportunities for exports. He added that the company will make further efforts to supply its signature wine to many more countries.




Additional Information

Other Honey Products on their Way to the World

In addition to Honeybee Wine, IBEE is producing other high-quality processed bee-farming products. Among the various products, the honey products are receiving attention from overseas markets along with the honey wine. Acacia and chestnut honey have been recognized for their excellence at an international honey competition. As chestnut honey is known as a healthy food containing a substance that can remove Helicobacter pylori, it is so popular that the supply cannot meet the demand.





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