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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Soy Milk Made with Soy & Tofu, Drinking Tofu A  [2015/12/07]
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Soy Milk Made with Soy & Tofu, Drinking Tofu A

Soy Milk Made with Soy & Tofu, Drinking Tofu A


Premium Product Made with Real Beans and Tofu, Not with Soy milk Extract 

The demand for soy milk is steadily increasing in China. Soy milk is coming into the spotlight as a milk substitute among female consumers whose babies were born with lactose intolerance or are sensitive to milk proteins. It is also popular with consumers who are interested in health. Thanks to this popularity, not only the domestic products but also foreign soy milk is actively sold in China. Korean soy milk came to the attention of Chinese consumers because it is safe, competitive, and of high quality. One such product is Drinking Tofu A produced by Donghwa Food Co., Ltd. It is offered at Chinese department stores and regarded as a premium soy milk.


45 Years of Processed Soy Food Knowhow

Donghwa Food Co., Ltd. is a representative Korean tofu producer with a long history. The company was established in 1970 in Yangsan City of South Gyeongsang Province. Its production scale is quite large: it is No. 1 in South Gyeongsang Province and No. 5 nationwide in tofu production. Donghwa Food produces 80 kinds of products and its daily output reaches 30 tons on average.
The company produces and supplies its products to many food businesses through OEM (original equipment manufacturing). Its clients include the famous Korean food company CJ Cheiljedang Co., Ltd. In addition, Donghwa Food produces processed soy food products under its own brand, Donghwa, and sells them through local distributors such as Lotte Mart and Nonghyup Hanaro Mart.
The company is putting a lot of effort into managing its manufacturing facilities in a hygienic way in order to ensure the high food safety of its products. To keep the workplace clean, Donghwa Food applies the CIP (cleaning in place) system. What’s more, it has been designated a “CLEAN Workplace” by the Korean Government. The company’s hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point) certification. Donghwa Food also succeeded in obtaining ISO9001 certification for the food safety management system.


Made with Beans and Tofu, Not Soy Milk Extract…Can Be Stored at Room Temperature for One Year

Among the various products offered by the company, soy milk Drinking Tofu A is receiving a positive response from Koreans and foreigners alike. First released in 2005, Drinking Tofu A first gained awareness among Korean customers who are interested in health through word of mouth. Early this year, the product entered the Chinese market.
The biggest strength of Drinking Tofu A is in its ingredients. The product is made not from soy milk extract (like the majority of products on the market) but with beans and tofu. Both of the ingredients have ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification. Just a small amount of sugar and peanut powder are added for sweetness. Son Choog-sik, president of Donghwa Food Co., Ltd., said, “I tried hard to provide consumers with a simple way of enjoying healthy beans and tofu. The result is Drinking Tofu A. Unlike other general types of soy milk, Drinking Tofu A is made with real beans and tofu and not with soy milk extract, so the product retains the original creamy fragrance and strong taste of beans. No antifoaming agents (which are commonly used to remove the foam artificially), artificial colors, or synthetic preservatives are used in the process. It is a real and pure soy milk product.” Tofu easily goes bad at room temperature, so long-term distribution is not easy. But Drinking Tofu A can be stored at room temperature for one year. President Son, said, “I also invested a lot of effort into developing a soy milk processing method that would enable the long-term storage of the products. I had tried and failed several times but it did not discourage me. I finally succeeded and obtained a patent for the method (of manufacturing beverages with tofu) in 2005.”


Selling at High-end Chinese Department Stores

Armed with the method that allows for long-term storage while preserving the original quality of the soy milk products, Donghwa Food started eyeing the export business. In 2007, it obtained certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US, which paved the way for entering the American market in the same year. After that, the company successfully stepped into the ASEAN market. Last February, Donghwa Food started making inroads into China and is currently supplying Drinking Tofu A to a Premium Korean Food Shop in the Dayuecheng Department Store located in Shandong, Yantai, China.
Choi Seong-wook, a director of Donghwa Food, explained, “Our product is treated as a premium soy milk because of its high quality. Thanks to this response, it was able to enter the Premium Korean Food Shop. Staff members of the shop tell me that the response of Chinese consumers to Drinking Tofu A is positive because the soy milk is thick and has a refreshing taste.”
President Son said, “I observed favorable responses to Drinking Tofu A from Chinese consumers in person at the Premium Korean Food Shop. It has encouraged me to participate more actively in sampling and promotional events held overseas to promote Drinking Tofu A to more countries this year.”


Additional Information

New Flavors of Drinking Tofu A Are Coming

The first one is Drinking Tofu made with lentils. Lentils have 10 to 12 times more water-soluble dietary fiber than sweet potatoes and bananas. 
The researchers are also working on fruit flavors. Korean banana flavored milk products are now a hit in China. Inspired by this success, Donghwa Food has created soy milk with a banana flavor. Another new product has a strawberry flavor. The company makes the fruit flavored soy milk with natural colors and fruit extracts, instead of artificial colors, in order to keep the heathy image of Drinking Tofu A.



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