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Fish, Crustacean

Fish, Crustacean
Squid Sundae from Cheong A Good Food  [2015/06/09]
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Squid Sundae from Cheong A Good Food

Squid Sundae from Cheong A Good Food


The Perfect Combination of Chewy Squid & Scrumptious Stuffing

Hearty Meat & Vegetable Stuffing in Whole

Squid Sundae (Korean sausage) is made by stuffing cleaned pig intestines with starch noodles and chopped vegetables, adding seonji (clotted pig blood made by hardening the blood) to the stuffed casings to create the color and taste, and steaming the casings. It is similar to sausages enjoyed mainly by westerners. The stuffed food differs slightly from region to region in Korea. Among the regionally different sundae, famous one is squid sundae, which is a representative local food of Gangwon Province. It originated with people displaced from Hamgyong Province to Sokcho in Gangwon Province during the Korean War. This sundae is made with squid in place of pork intestines due to the unaffordable price of the main ingredient. Squid sundae is free of seonji. It is generally made by stuffing a cleaned squid with glutinous rice, rice, vegetables, and starch noodles; and boiling or steaming the stuffed squid. Such squid sundae can now be conveniently enjoyed at home by just heating it up. A variety of convenient and enjoyable squid sundae products have come onto the market. Cheong A Good Food Co., Ltd., located in Hoengseong in Gangwon Province, is producing frozen squid sundae products using self-developed knowhow. Their frozen products are found in both domestic and overseas markets.


Production and Export of About 140 Processed Foods

Cheong A Good Food is a pro- cessed agriproduct company that was founded in 1997. It has been producing and distributing jeotgal (salted and fermented seafoods) including myeongran-jeot (Alaska pollack roe jeotgal), changran-jeot (pollack entrails jeotgal), cuttlefish jeotgal, and baby octopus jeotgal, as well as side dishes such as yangnyeom-kkaetyip (seasoned perilla leaves) and mu-mallaegi (seasoned dried radish slices). The food company produces as many as 140 products and continuously distributes such products to department stores, big distributors, and eco-friendly shops in Korea to win recognition for the high-quality of the products. Since 2001, the food company has been exporting its products. It started by exporting to Japan and now exports to 15 countries including the United States, some European countries, Canada, China, Singapore, and Australia. The brisk exports allowed the company to win an export award given to companies that achieve USD$1 million worth of exports. This year, the company is aiming to win an export award given to companies that achieve USD$3 million worth of exports. Mr. Yoo Jae-ju, CEO of Cheong A Good Food, introduced the company saying, “Only two or three companies are registered as a company qualified to produce and process marine products to be exported to the EU (European Union). Among the numerous Korean marine product companies, we are one of them.” He added that the food company obtained various international quality certifications, including halal certification, to export its products and reach a greater number of countries.


Squid Sundae, Heat up to Conveniently Enjoy at Home

Since 2013, Cheong A Good Food had been making efforts to develop squid sundae based on its knowhow accumulated by producing processed marine products and side dishes. It finally succeeded in launching the complete squid sundae product last year. The squid sundae produced by Cheong A Good Food features stuffing similar to that of Korean-style dumplings. The food company applied such a dumpling stuffing to the squid sundae to differentiate its product from other sundae products. General sundae products are made with a high proportion of rice and glutinous rice. In contrast, the squid sundae of Cheong A Good Food is, in addition to starch noodles and glutinous rice, stuffed with assorted vegetables, including perilla leaves and carrots. The squid sundae of Cheong A Good Food comes in two types: a basic squid sundae, whose stuffing also contains meat, and a kimchi squid sundae, whose stuffing also contains kimchi. Those squid sundae products of Cheong A Good Food are vacuum-packed and then frozen. The result is that the products can be consumed immediately after being heated up. Mr. Yoo explained that Cheong A Good Food leaves meat out of the sundae products that are to be exported to countries that ban the imports of products containing meat due to quarantine issues. The food company adjusts the ingredients to be added to the squid sundae stuffing depending on the situation of the import country.


Production of Safe Products at HACCP Certified Facility

Cheong A Good Food is making safer and more hygienic products through rigid tests of microorganisms and quality. The food company conducts entrance inspections on the freshness, origin, and shelf life of all the main and additional ingredients. Further, it thoroughly checks whether the products are reliable by conducting general bacteria and pathogenic bacteria tests on all the main and additional ingredients, complete products, and tools and fixtures throughout all production processes. According to the CEO of Cheong A Good Food, the company achieved improved food hygiene reliability by obtaining HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) certification in 2011. In addition, the company obtained halal certification for some side dish products at the end of last year. Participation in Overseas Exhibitions to Promote Expansion into Export Markets Cheong A Good Food is planning to expand the export markets for the squid sundae this year. The food company was able to export the product to some countries, including the United States and Canada, and will try harder to advance to European, Japanese, and Chinese markets this year. To this end, the company is planning to make the best use of promotional events, such as exhibitions held overseas, to increase the level of awareness of the products. Mr. Yoo said that he observed, in person, favorable responses to the squid sundae from overseas buyers at the exhibition held in Hong Kong last year. He mentioned that the company will participate more actively in sampling and promotional events held overseas to promote the squid sundae to more countries this year.



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