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Fish, Crustacean

Fish, Crustacean
Convenient Braised Mackerel  [2016/11/02]
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Convenient Braised Mackerel

Convenient Braised Mackerel

Mackerel is a byword for blue-colored fish. It is known to contain abundant vitamin B and is therefore good for preventing anemia and dizziness. Mackerel also has more high-quality amino acids than white-flesh fish. Moreover, it is rich in DHA, so there is no fish like mackerel for children going through growth spurts.

 Koreans enjoy mackerel in various ways, one of which is jorim (braised in sauce).
 Recently, Andong Salted Mackerel Co., Ltd.—an exporter of salted mackerel—has released a convenient braised mackerel product.

Comes In Two Flavors: Spicy and Plain
 The convenient braised mackerel product of Andong Salted Mackerel Co., Ltd. is made from mackerel caught around Jeju Island, which is boned, cut in bite sized pieces, and cooked with vegetables in a special seasoning made of soy sauce and red pepper paste.

 The biggest merit of the product is that it is very easy to cook: simply put it in a microwave for 3 minutes or in boiling water for 5 minutes.

 Mr. Kim Jae-mun, CEO of Andong Salted Mackerel Co., Ltd., said, “We have created this product for consumers who want to enjoy mackerel anytime and anywhere. Many foreign buyers are attracted by the convenience of our product. We are looking forward to entering the supermarkets of Japan and North America.”

The product is offered in two flavors: plain (cooked in soy sauce) and spicy.

 Andong Salted Mackerel
 Tel +82-54-859-0571

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