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Precooked Instant Rice Dishes You Can Enjoy Anytime & Anywhere  [2016/05/24]
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Precooked Instant Rice Dishes You Can Enjoy Anytime & Anywhere

Precooked Instant Rice Dishes You Can Enjoy Anytime & Anywhere


Newly Released Bibimbap and Ramyeon-bap…It Takes Only Some Hot Water to
Cook a Meal

With the growing popularity of outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking; people are looking for a convenient way to have meals outdoors. The trend is having a big impact on food and eating culture. In the past, cup ramyeon (Korean-style instant noodles) was the main solution to fill up an empty stomach in the open air. In contrast, these days, there are many products that can become a substitute for a square meal and be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. DOORI DOORI Co., Ltd. is an instant food company producing high-end precooked instant rice dishes. All of the company’s products are made using grain processing knowhow accumulated for over 15 years.

DOORI DOORI Armed with 15-Year Knowhow in Processing Grains

DOORI DOORI started in 1998 as a food company specializing in processing agricultural products harvested in Korea such as rice, glutinous rice, and beans. At first, DOORI DOORI mainly produced convenient meal replacements―formula foods (made by grinding grains and eaten with water or milk), functional diet foods, and nutritious rice porridge. Meanwhile, the management of the company had been developing an interest in producing instant rice based on the company’s knowhow in grain-processing. Finally, in 2012, DOORI DOORI jumped into the new business. Mr. Kim Hee-chul, an executive director at DOORI DOORI, explains that the company decided to take up a new challenge because instant rice is made by processing grains―something DOORI DOORI is well familiar with. The company obtained a patent for the instant rice manufacturing method developed by its research center.

Patented Technology Helps Reproduce the Taste of Home-cooked Rice

The instant rice of DOORI DOORI is ready to be eaten anytime and anywhere after adding some hot water or heating it up in a microwave. Through a four-step manufacturing process that does not use any chemical additives, the company succeeded in reproducing the original taste of rice freshly-cooked at home. The four steps are: cleaning, cooking, drying, and roasting. Here, the cooking step refers to a series of procedures including soaking the rice, heating it up, and boiling. In the roasting step, a patented method of blowing hot air is applied to roast the cooked rice. According to Mr. Kim, this method is optimal for reproducing the taste of rice cooked at home in a pot. He says, “We receive wide recognition for the excellence of the instant rice production technology. We supply our products through an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement to over a dozen large Korean food companies. We also provide several major companies with food ingredients.”
In addition to the excellent production technology, DOORI DOORI installed the automated equipment that ensures the food safety. The company obtained the HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) certification in 2008. Mr. Kim comments, “There are only three or four Korean companies that are able to carry out the entire production process from the input of raw ingredients to churning out the complete product.”

A System to Customize the Packaging and Taste of the Products to a Customer’s Request

DOORI DOORI offers several types of instant rice dishes. They can be broadly categorized into bibimbap (rice mixed with assorted vegetables and other ingredients), ramyeon-bap (rice with instant noodles), and cup gukbap (soup with rice). Among these, the bibimbap and ramyeon-bap products are made for export. Both are ready-to-eat products that are ready after being heated in a microwave for three to four minutes or after pouring some hot water and mixing the contents with accompanying sauces after eight to nine minutes. The bibimbap products, in particular, are prepared without meat to avoid any issues related to export clearance and are receiving a lot of attention from buyers. Currently, the bibimbap category includes mushroom and vegetable bibimbap, seafood bibimbap, gochujang (red pepper paste) and vegetable bibimbap, and curry bibimbap.
The ramyeon-bap products contain both noodles and rice. They are inspired by the Korean habit of putting some rice into the soup left after eating ramyeon noodles. DOORI DOORI produces several ramyeon-bap products including kimchi ramyeon-bap and cheese ramyeon-bap. Just as with cup ramyeon, all you have to do to have a delicious ramyeon-bap is pour some hot water and wait for three to four minutes.
Mr. Kim says, “All of the bibimbap and ramyeon-bap products are made using rice that is cooked according to the patented processing method. At a buyer’s request, we can not only customize the packaging but also develop a product with the taste that suits the preferences of local consumers.”

Participating in Exhibitions Overseas, Negotiating Exports to China and Europe

Since 2013, DOORI DOORI has been knocking on the door of overseas markets with its bibimbap and ramyeon-bap products. The food company has been participating in food exhibitions held abroad to promote the advantages of its products to buyers and is currently negotiating exports with Chinese and European companies.
According to Mr. Kim says, “With its ability to produce customized products, DOORI DOORI is eager to export its products to any interested country.”

Additional Information

Whole-grain Cereal, A Grain Product of DOORI DOORI

True to its origins in grain processing, DOORI DOORI still produces processed grain products. One of them, Whole-grain Cereal is especially loved by consumers in foreign countries. It is made by thermal processing and roasting Korean grains such as rice, barley, brown rice, beans, and black rice. The product contains no additives and preserves the original nutrition of the grains. It can be enjoyed by itself as a snack or with milk. Mr. Kim said that Whole-grain Cereal is used as an ingredient for cereal bars and comes in various types: each kind of grain separately and as a combination of several kinds.


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