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Petitzel Rice Pudding  [2016/05/24]
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Petitzel Rice Pudding

CJ Cheiljedang Develops a Korean Style Pudding Product

CJ Cheiljedang, one of the major Korean food companies, has released a new Korean-style dessert product made with rice: Petitzel Rice Pudding. The product has received many favorable evaluations from consumers. Petitzel Rice Pudding comes in three flavors: brown rice, sweet potato, and sweet pumpkin. The aromatic brown rice pudding with its simple taste is targeted at middle-aged consumers. The sweet potato pudding appeals especially to young women and children. Containing few calories, the sweet pumpkin pudding is good for consumers who wish to lose weight.

 Plans to Advertise Overseas as Korean Dessert

The idea of a rice pudding was first suggested at the contest OnlyOne Fair, held by the CJ Group for its new employees. Prior to the release of the product, CJ Cheiljedang conducted a market survey of about 450 people living in Seoul. Most of the participants in the survey thought that Petitzel Rice Pudding could be a substitute for a simple meal. They also associated the product with a healthy image. An employee of CJ Cheiljedang said, “We are planning to actively promote Petitzel Rice Pudding to foreign consumers as a Korean-style dessert.”



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