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Prepared meat, Fish, Shellfis

Prepared meat, Fish, Shellfis
Stir-fried Kamtae  [2016/10/27]
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Stir-fried Kamtae

What on earth is Kamtae? (감태)

1.     It is a type of seaweed which lives only on pure and clean mudflats.

2.     It is impossible to cultivate it because it grows only under specific conditions that no human hands can create

3.     From collecting through washing and selecting to drying in the sun, all the procedures are carried out only manually ensuring maximum healthiness.

4.     It is not only nutritious but also delicious.

Aren’t these just the qualities we have always been looking for in food?


Kamtae, what is it good for? (감태 어디에 좋아요?-

1.     It is good for bones (for growing children, helps prevent osteoporosis)

Kamtae contains 6 times more calcium than milk and is also rich in mineral which promotes calcium absorption.


2.     Kamtae is good for skin and diet

It contains rich mineral and vitamin and is thus good for our skin. Also low calorie can help on diet.

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