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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Slow City Makgeolli  [2016/03/01]
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Slow City Makgeolli

Slow City Makgeolli

Traditional Korean rice wine, is made by newly harvested rice. like high quality dishes need fresh ingredients, for brewing the best quality wine selected material is essential. Slow City Makeolli is made by premium ingredients under optimum condition.
That is why Slow City Cmakgeolli could offer you the most delicious wine.
Following the traditional way, Slow City Makgeolli takes enough time to be fresh.
Slow City Makgeolli is not industrial production. It is 100% hand made with korean rice, water and yeast and contains no artificial additives.
With this difference, Slow City Makgeolli could offer the most flavored and richest taste. Also, it is pleasure to enjoy naturally matured Makgeolli as time goes by. We use only selected newly harvested Korean rice.

Contains no artifical additives. Use exclusive yeast of Slow City Makgeolli.
Apply strict hygiene standards for brewing Makgeolli Special technique of fermentation

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