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Millenery Brewery Co.


Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Blueberry makgeolli(蓝莓 马格利酒 블루베리막걸리)  [2016/03/01]
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Blueberry makgeolli(蓝莓 马格利酒 블루베리막걸리)

Blueberry makgeolli불루베리막걸리 蓝莓马格利酒  

*Product characteristics : Specialty makgeolli made  with  healthy blueberry

*Raw materials & content : purified water82.63%, 

    rice12.60%,  wheat3.15%,   corn syrup1.06%,

    blueberry concentrate0.53%,   aspartame0.01%,

    purify enzyme0.01%,  yeast 0.01%

*Process of manufacture ; Sterilization method

*Alcohol degree : 6 %

*Storage Method : Store at room temperature

*Expiration date : One year

*Package quantity : 750ml× 20 ea

*Box size : 400 L× 315 W× 265H

*Packaging material : P.E.T  bottle

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