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Wehayeah  [2014/08/18]
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JBB20 for liver health, body detoxification and alcohol detoxification.
Food type functional substance for liver health extracted from vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc. that may be widely used for various kinds of beverages, foods and medical materials.

JBB20 is a natural substance useful for increasing resistance against various liver diseases such as fatty liver and it can be used for manufacturing various kinds of foods, beverages and food medicines, as well as beauty foods, etc. Especially it is useful for recovering from alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver with excellent liver detoxification action. It is the world class advanced bio-substance that a clinical test as a liver function improvement medicine is in progress in EU. Raw material technology for liver health improvement medicine is unique in the world now.

Features different from the conventional technologies: When comparing with the liver protection medicines Silymarine/Milk Thistle that are in common use in the world now, performance of JBB20 produced by our patented technology is much more stronger than the existing medicines showing prevention and remedy effects on liver cirrhosis and fatty liver and features with the only masterpiece in the world with hangover relieving effect that Silymarine does not have. When comparing with the domestic/international competing products, our patented technology received silver medal and Olympic Memorial Award called "Alcohol Killer" and there is no competing product in the country and abroad today.
:Improving liver health, energy-up, good for fatigue, improving skin beauty and relieving alcohol side effect.
-Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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