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JBB20 Anti-Hangover Rice Noodle  [2014/08/18]
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JBB20 Anti-Hangover Rice Noodle

JBB20 Anti-Hangover Rice Noodle


While domestic rice demand is now in decreasing trend, rice production cost is losing international competence.
It is required to make anti-hangover foods for preventing hangover which is a global problem.
Thus, we have produced and released JBB20 anti-hangover rice noodle/beauty rice noodle that are not simple rice foods but have special effect on liver health, hangover prevention, and beautiful skin for the consumers.
If these products have succeeded, it would very positive on export increase, agricultural industry activation and our FTA strategy.


We have developed JBB20 anti-hangover rice noodle first in Korea for and liver detoxification by selecting, processing and combining various patents and food type liver function improving substances developed by us for last 10 years.


  • It has hangover relief effect, liver detoxification and skin beauty by a liver health improving substance JBB20.
  • It has no trans-fat.
  • It is made of rice with good taste.
  • As it is produced without frying in the oil, it keeps fresh taste.

Product Composition

It is a convenient cup noodle contained in disposable cup to allow pouring hot water and eating after waiting for 3 minutes, composed of 82g noodle and soup powder 10g.

Product Features(Detailed)

Rice market volume of Korea is about $8,400 million and, out of which $1,000million is occupied by the functional rice market (Source: Press Release of Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). Functional rice foods include mainly rice cake, noodle, rice noodle, rice ramyeon, instant boiled rice, etc. that have been consumed conventionally.
Thus we have developed and released liver health improving foods that attract the largest interest of the modern people by diversifying rice food area and fitting with preference of the consumers.
Anti-Hangover rice noodle developed by us are excellent functional products to provide skin beauty and hangover relieving functionally while making no difference in taste from the existing rice noodle.
These products are made of 50%~60% of domestic rice.
It has a cup noodle type with 92G total weight and contains 316.23kcal heat capacity, 69.25g carbohydrate, 7.72g glucose, 0.93g crude fat, 0.83g saturated fat, 0 trans fat, 5.09mg cholesterol and 140mg sodium.

Product Benefits (Detailed)

  1. Liver detoxification
  2. Liver health improvement
  3. Stamina boosting
  4. Beautiful skin
  5. Hangover release
  6. Fatigue recovery
  7. Blood circulation improvement

Other References (If necessary)

This product is produced by adding a liver health improving substance JBB20 developed by Dr. Bok Seong-hae Ph D. who was selected as one of the world top 100 scientists in anti-obesity research and former president of Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology.

Market Conditions (If necessary)

The world market volume of liver health foods is estimated to about $10 billion Dollars.

Technology & Certificate

* Patent No. 10-0504351
Food composition for reducing alcoholic hanhover containing plant extracts or powders

Issued by
Silver Medal
International Invention Exhibit in Taiwan
Alcohol killer
- Olympic Medal
International Invention Exhibit in Taiwan
Tin Tower of Order of Industrial Service Merit
Ministry of Public Administration and Security
Copper Award of Korea Invention Patent Exhibition
Korea Invention Promotion Association
Certificate of Venture Business
KIBO Technology Fund
Promising Small and Medium Business for Export
Daejeon/Chungnam District Office of Small and Medium Business Administration


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