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Product Cereal Pouch 570g (38g X 15EA)  [2014/11/18]
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Product Cereal Pouch 570g (38g X 15EA)

Product Cereal Pouch 570g (38g x 15EA)

  • Cereal Pouch uses carefully selected raw ingredients grown with the domestic (95%) organic(97.5%) certification.
  • It contains vegetables and lactobacillus perfect those always on-the-go as it helps balance nutrients in the body.
  • You get several nutrients since the product is made by mixing 23 types of grains and vegetables.
  • It’s easy to carry and is ideal as a meal substitute for students and workers who often skip meals!
  • It is also perfect as children’s nutritional snack, great during mountain climbing or fishing, or treating guestYou can also eat it as porridge using warm water.

organic germinated brown rice, pesticide-free efflorescence, organic germinated glutinous brownrice, organic germinated barley, pesticide-free black soybean, organic sugar, organic germinated brow
n rice, organic potato, lactobacillus, organic germinated wheat, organic germinated sorghum, freeze
dried apple, organic germinated sesame seeds,organic angelica, organic broccoli, organic kale,
organic carrot, organic germinated perilla seeds, kelp, freeze-dried pear, seaweed

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