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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Cornus Fruit Juice  [2016/02/28]
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Cornus Fruit Juice

Cornus Fruit Juice

  • 80 mL x 60packs / 1box
  • Main Ingredients: Cornus fruit extract (Brix 6% over, Korea), Rubus coreanus fruit extract, Vitamin B1 and others
  • Please enjoy 2-3times a day before or after meal depending on your preference
  • Related products: 1) Sansuyoo 1000 premium (pills) 2) Sansuyoo Miracle (vials)
  • No sugar, No artificial additive, No preservatives

Cornus Fruit: Efficacies on documentary records

- Long-time intake makes you feel light and is effective for waist pain caused by sexual abuse, tinnitus caused by lethargy and shortage of stamina.
- It is effective for headache, profuse menstruation, tinnitus or sore skin, increase in sexual functions and nourishment for kidney, semen and bone-marrow.
- It warms and replenishes kidney with vital energy. It has superior effects in maintaining stamina by making male semen sufficient and is also effective for pain and coldness of waist and knee. It promotes blood circulation and enhances erection, nurses your energy, inhibits fatigue and balances yin and yang (negative and positive) of mind and body. (Extracted from Donguibogam)

Cornus Fruit: Physiological Activities & Effects

- Urination and dropping of blood pressure
- Antibiotic activities against skin fungus such as colon bacillus, pneumobacillus, intestinal bacteria and dysentery bacillus.
- Anti-cancer activity: In medical experiment, it was proved that it heals ascites tumor.
- It has a certain effect on diabetes, anti-cancer activity and antibiotic activity.
- It promotes metabolism and increases resistance against germs.

"Cornus Fruit Juice" is best for the following people

- Men who want to get help for maintaining vitality
- Men who needs to be recovered from everyday fatigue
- Office workers tired from overworking, drinking alcohol or smoking
- Everybody who wants to be energetic and self-confident
- Everybody who wants to regain their vigor during menopause or senility
- Women who have irregular menstruation or profuse menstruation
- Everybody who has alopecia caused by stress

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