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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Chunho Pomegranate Juice  [2016/02/28]
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Chunho Pomegranate Juice

Chunho Pomegranate Juice

  • 100 mL x 60packs / 1box
  • Main Ingredients: Pomegranate Concentrate, Honey, Vitamin C(1,150mg), Chicory Fiber
  • Please enjoy 2-3times a day before or after meal depending on your preference.

What is "Pomegranate"

Pomegranate is shaped like ball with the diameter of 6~8cm. Its flesh is wrapped by hard and yellow rind, and each grain of flesh contains seed. Edible part of pomegranate is about 20%, and its flesh tastes sour and sweet. It originates from West Asia and the northwestern part of India. Pomegranate is assumed to have entered into the Korean peninsula through China in the early Koryo Dynasty. In a certain society, pomegranate was believed to have supernatural power, and in different societies, it was used for more practical purposes like for dyeing or decorating source.


  • Supplements women’s hormone
  • Skin cosmetics (supplements elasticity, prevents liver spots and wrinkles)
  • Promotes blood circulation / anti oxidizing effect, improves immunity
  • Relieves irregular menstrual and menstrual pains / - relieves menopause

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