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Cereal, Milling products

Cereal, Milling products
Enzyme Diet Smoothie  [2014/08/18]
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Enzyme Diet Smoothie

Enzyme Diet Smoothie - Healthy Diet Cereal Breakfast

  • Natural ingredients + Enzymes
  • Your smart breakfast shapes you slim
  • Enzyme Smoothie
  • The Slim Shaper

Balanced nutrition, Natural ingredients, Low calories, Smart breakfast dawning busy day, rushing morning hours, skipped breakfast work and stress, bad eating habits.... and alarming obesity!

The right choice can change the situation
Enzyme Smoothie-The Slim Shaper

What is enzyme?
Our optimal physiological functions depend on proper digestion and absorption of the nutrients.
Enzymes are ferments important in metabolism process.
Some enzymes have antioxidant functions and support the immune system.

What does the 40g pack of Enzyme Smoothie contain?
Enzyme Smoothie contains scientifically selected ingredients like rice, black rice, brown rice, barley, seaweeds, and shiitake mushroom.
Fermented substances support the metabolism process, supplying vitamins, minerals, and important amino acids to the body.

What does Enzyme Smoothie give you?
It provides nutritional balance complex and easy breakfast.
No time for cooking? But no missed breakfasts!
Enjoy your easy and healthy breakfast with Slim Shaper ENZYME SMOOTHIE
- it is a healthy portion of energy which supplies vitality to your day.

How Enzyme smoothie affects my organism?
What are the effects of regular intake of Enzyme smoothie as a part of my diet?
You may worry that diet food may make your organism weak and impair your working abilities because of lack of energy.
Don't worry!
Enzyme Smoothie helps metabolism and functions of the entire body, removing bad cholesterol, improving blood circulation, supplying oxygen to vital organs, and as a result overcoming stress.
It supplies you with daily energy to sustain your vitality.
After 8 weeks of regular intakes 12% of weight and 38% of fat can be decreased.

Does it contain any artificial additives?
No. Enzyme smoothie contains only natural ingredients.
No artificial additives - no coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives

Won't it take my precious time for cooking?
It is simple to prepare! Just mix a pack with 200ml of milk in the shaker bottle (provided in a gift box package), shake energetically, and drink as if you chew it.

Do not skip breakfast~! Stay healthy and slim.

Roasted brown rice powder/15%/, Roasted barley powder /9.7%/, ISP/Isolated Soy Protein, Brown rice, Fermented brown rice, Fermented white corvania, Fructooligosaccharide, Fermented barley, White rice, Fermented Rhynchosia molubilis, Black rice, Chopped almonds, Pumpkin, Sorghum, Naked barley, Germinated brown rice, Black sesame, Apple, Sunflower Seeds, Carrot, Laminaria japonica, Sea mustard seaweed, Cabbage, Shiitake mushrooms, Green tea, Plantago ovata peel powder, Garcinia cambogia peel extraction, Tablet salt, Enzymatically Modified Stevia Glucosyl Stevia, Glucose, Vitamins and minerals, Polydextrose, Glucomannan, Chitooligosaccharide, L-carnitine

Packing : 40g/pack, 15 Packs/Inbox, 2 Inboxes+1 Shaker/ Outbox, 10 Outboxes/ CTN

Quantity : 300 CTNS/20'FCL, 700 CTNS/ 40FT FCL.

Language available : English / Bulgaria

Patent No.: 10-0529844

Certificate : HACCP, ISO9001, Health Cerfificate (KFDA)

OEM : acceptable

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