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Red Ginseng 100% Solution(Extract)  [2014/07/02]
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Red Ginseng 100% Solution(Extract)

Product Identification
HS Code : 1302.19.12.10
Characteristics : A dark brown sticky solutions with its unique smell and taste.

Main Usages :
1. It can be used as natural additive to be added into drink, capsule, powder, tablet and etc. to produce food and beverage product.
2. It can be used in pharmaceutical, food, health functional food industry to produce pharmaceutical raw materials, food and etc.

Annual Production : 120,000kg / Year

Packing : 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg, 25kg and your customized container made of glass, plastic and others.

Storage : Kept in a light-proof, cool, dry and well-closed and ventilated place.

Standard Specifications :

Specification Range
Solids 0% to 100% or your customized range
Total ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1 1.0 to 12.0mg/g or your customized range
UV Spectrum(420nm) 0.1~2.0(1g→100g) or your customized range
Transmissivity(700nm) 10% to 85%(1g→100g) or your customized range
Sugar Contents (Refract meter) 0.1~90.0 Brix or your customized range
Ginseng(Saponins) Contents Over 85mg/100g or your customized range

Price :

Model Red ginseng extract Ginseng Extract
Basic Specification Solid over 65%, Rg1+Rb1=over 4.5mg/g Solid over 65%, Rg1+Rb1=over 4.5mg/g
Packing 20KG PB(Plastic Basket) 20KG PB(Plastic Basket)
1PTL(110x110cm) 20PBs(400Kgs) 20PBs(400Kgs)
FOB Korea, over 1PLT TBD TBD

Dajung is...

DaJung Co., Ltd. established as a health food manufacturer in Korea for human health and happiness by developing and producing with ginseng products in 1996 and is doing its best to manufacture, distribute and export sincerely.
We have launched new brand, KGS : Korean Ginseng Story, on 2006 and providing the brand to domestic market and over 15 overseas countries as Korean heritage and Culture.
Also we are certified on GMP, HACCP and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and built new factory on 2011 to meet our consumers' needs and satisfaction.
Recently, we established Research and Development Center, which is belong to the company to develop and produce ginsenosides and new medical raw materials.
Our R&D Center is aiming for developing and modifying new ginsenosides and effective ginseng components such as more than 30 pure single ginsenosides including Rd, F1, F2, Rg3, Rg2, Rh1, Rh2, Mc, Mc1, Compound K, Y, O, aglycone PPD, PPT in a mass production, which have been produced through the transformation of ginseng structure.

Payment is T/T and The price is on the basic of 1PLT / 20PBs(400Kgs)
Deliver time: From you place order until you received the cargo need about 20-30 days and this offer is valid for 15 days

Our clients usually need ginseng extract, our price of ginseng Grade is very competitive.
Ginseng extract is usually used in pharmaceutical.
Ginseng extract is usually used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

If you want to purchase, please let me know.
The following/attachment is(are) is our catalogue, if you are interested in any of them, please let me know too, I will try my best to comply with your requirement.

Thanks and best regards,

  • John Choi (Mr)
  • Director : Trade Dept.
  • Address: 837 Sagok-ri, Iwol-myun, Jincheon-kun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea(Rep. of)
  • Tel: +82-2-6214-3434, FAX: +82-2-6214-9960
  • Mobile : +82-10-8353-2633
  • Email : 747choi at
  • Homepage :

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