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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
COMPOUND-P  [2017/03/22]
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1. Help to reduce blood cholesterol level

- Liquefy the Cholesterol & the Neutral Fat and clean the blood vessel, detoxify the blood.

- Fat from beef, mutton and pork has a high melting point at 47-50℃. And it is not dissolved within human body, causing disruption in circulation and depositing as body fat. It causes the roof of all modern lifestyle diseases.   By means of the powerful lipid dissolving properties of red pine needle extract, it assures a healthy diet by expecting not only dissolving of cholesterol but also the disintegration of body fat.

2. Help to improve blood circulation

- Ease symptoms and prevention of cardio-vascular diseases due to problems in blood vessels or blood stream, such as cardiac infarction, arterial sclerosis, stroke, cerebral infarction, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes.

- Ease symptoms and prevention of coldness & numbness of limbs, varicose veins, and peripheral circulation problems.

- Korea Forest Service’s forestry research team have found that special vitamin P, Rutin, which is contained in the red pine needles, is effective for clearing blood and preventing capillaries to be narrowed. As the result showed, the red pine needles are proved that it is highly effective for preventing high blood pressure and stroke.

3. Help to improve premenstrual tension

- The Criteria and Standards of Health Functional Food Act of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) reads as follows ; "A daily intake 210~300mg of Gamma-Linolenic Acid(GLA) helps to improve premenstrual tension." 

4. Help to improve skin condition caused by immune system overreacting

- The Criteria and Standards of Health Functional Food Act of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) reads as follows ; "A daily intake 160~300mg of Gamma-Linolenic Acid(GLA) helps to improve skin condition caused by immune system overreacting."

5. Help to maintain healthy blood sugar level

- Through the experiment on pine needle extract in the human body at Seoul National University Hospital of Bundang, it had been approved that pine needle extract is effective to lower blood sugar level of those who suffer from blood  sugar disorder.

6. Necessary for the protection of cells from free radicals

- Beta Carotene, Terpene as well as Oxyphartimin Acid, Pychnogenol components which are contained in 'Compound-P' deliver anti-oxidation effects and remove the internal free radicals.

7. Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial

- Terpene, the red pine needle extract is recognized greatly distinctive antibiotics that are surprisingly effective on colon bacillus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and even super bugs through the experiments of Dr. Lee Sung-Sook Team in National Institute of Korean Forest Service.

Compound-P is a synthesized substance that combination of 47 fermented components' extracts which are oriental medicinal herbs, grains, plants, lactobacillus and an undisclosed ingredient "alpha". The Compound-P technology is currently pending for a patent at the korean intellectual Property Office.

icon   Price Condition FOB   Incheon port
icon   Origin Korea
icon   Material borage oil, pine needle extract, compound of enzymes, compound of amino acids
icon   Size 175 x 125 x 65   Millimeters
icon   Weight 330   Grams
icon   Packaging 36 pieces per carton box
icon   Delivery lead time About 2months
icon   Minimum order First 5,000boxes
icon   Supply ability 1,000,000boxes per year

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