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Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed

Oilseed, Grain, Seaweed
Yangban Seaweed Snack  [2015/07/14]
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Yangban Seaweed Snack

Great as a Healthy, Low-Calorie Snack


Representative Korean seasoned seaweed exporter Dongwon F&B has recently released a snack that added nuts and grains to seaweed. Yangban Seaweed Snack is receiving a positive response from consumers. A layer of several nuts and grains―almonds, whole wheat, and buckwheat―is added between two sheets of seasoned seaweed and roasted until crispy. Consumers can choose, according to their taste, among three different types of the product: almond, chili, and buckwheat. The almond and buckwheat types target consumers who want to enjoy the full flavor of the ingredients, whereas the chili type is designed to appeal to the fans of a spicy taste. Yangban Seaweed Snack is a finger sized snack and comes with two delicious sauces―teriyaki and bul-dak (hot and spicy chicken). The product is good as a wholesome snack for children and an accompaniment to beer for adults.


Plans for Exports to China, the US, and Southeast Asia

Each package of Yangban Seaweed Snack (20g) has few calories (80kcal) but is rich in nutrition: proteins, minerals, dietary fiber, and so on. Thanks to the small size of the packages, they are easy to carry with you.
Dongwon F&B is preparing to start exports of the seaweed snack product to foreign countries such as China, Thailand, and the US. According to a member of the Dongwon F&B staff, “The export of Seaweed Snack will contribute to promoting the taste and excellence of Korean seasoned seaweed to foreign consumers.”




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