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Machinery Etc.
Multi span greenhouse  [2016/01/14]
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Multi span greenhouse

Doojin’s core values are the quality, technology and eco-friendly agricultural greenhouses construction. The values aim to satisfy the need of the customer. We have built a good reputation over 30 years.

Our greenhouse design is so adaptable to the needs of the growers in various conditions.

Our supplies are so reliable to give you the savings in growing, maintaining and regulating the environment of greenhouses.

Our technology is so high end to secure the most weaknesses in your conventional greenhouses. 


Doojin Skylight Ventilation

Less stress to the coverings, Better ventilation, Endurable structure and Adaptation to any type of the greenhouse

Since the old fashioned owners of the greenhouse have been suffered the cost in replacing the coverings and the lack of the air flow, Doojin introduced the unique roof vent system, so called “Doojin Skylight Ventilation”. The system provides the longer lifetime of the coverings and secures 100% ventilation in the greenhouse while the structure  are stable as much as the existing greenhouses. Also, Doojin Skylight Ventilation can be constructed any types of the greenhouses even the short spaces between the inner and outer layers in the multi-stage greenhouses.

Doojin Dew Fall Prevention System

No leakage of rain & dew fall and longer life of the coverings

1.    The leakage of rain in the gutters of the greenhouse units and the dew falls are the old headaches since the infection comes through the moisture from the outside.  Doojin Dew Fall Prevention systems surely solve the problems and secure the longer life of the coverings.

Doojin’s experience with the products, the construction and the design

2.    As the result of the facts that the floriculture, the crop and the fresh products industries are growing fast, most of the customer seeks to the smart systems and the long life of the greenhouse. Also the greenhouse can be used in the various fields like the modernized distribution facilities, the greenhouse for the exhibitions and the seeding facilities. Doojin’s experience with the design, construction, and products will give you satisfaction and economic benefits in the extended market. Doojin’s the best efforts on the finishing works and its fine quality products guarantee the customer’s needs.


Doojin’s Technology


Roof vent system (Round steel rack & pinion type), Most effective vent system, Patented.


1.    Applying the rack and pinion system dramatically reduce the damage of the covering and solve the problems in the old system. Since the place of the system is located the ridge of the roof, it maximize the volume of the ventilation.

2.    In comparison to the old vent system, usually Mongolian vent system, which has disadvantages, (less ventilation, rain fall and more replacement of the film), the Doojin’s roof vent system improves the ventilation, the life cycle of the film and the operation of the vent in any weather condition.

3.    Doojin’s rack & pinion vent system improves the weak points of the aluminum vent system.

-       Structural strength and easy replacement and improvement

-      Endurance to rain, wind and snow

-      Easy installation by using prefabricated products

4.     Wide constructability

Doojin uses its own patented-flange clutches, which provides much airtight structure in the construction of the greenhouse that has a tight space between the inner and outer layer.


5.    What if the old greenhouse with damaged and unbalanced ridge of the roof

Doojin’s vent system can be installed in the old and distorted greenhouse by using the bearings, which provide proper operation of the roof vent.

6.    Doojin’s roof vent systems are also constructed in any type of greenhouse ( Single stand or gutter connected greenhouse)




Doojin’s Dew Fall Prevention System


1.    Better prevention of disease and insects due to dew fall infection

2.    No rain drops in the connections of the pads

3.    Improvements of most defects of the existing dew fall system( oxidation, moss, ponding, shade)

4.    Longer life cycle of the entire coverings as a result of the damage of the coverings in the area of vent operations.

5.    Prevention of the covering damage due to the rusty pads

6.    Extended life of P.O. film by means of the replacement of the coverings only in the vent operation area

7.    Durability of the products ( Coated aluminum dew fall pad)

8.    Prevention of dew drops in the waterspout of the gutter connected greenhouse


Doojin’s Up down Thermal Curtain System

1.    Effective insulation due to reduced space between the floor and the curtain

2.    Reduction of heating facilities even no heating units

3.    Minimizing the shading area

4.    Controlling the height of the thermal curtain ( thermal curtain operated vertically) depending on the height of the crops

5.    2 options available: Updown system and Fixed system



icon   Price USD   500000.0 / 1ha
icon   Price Condition FOB   Incheon
icon   Origin South Korea
icon   Size 99 x 99 x 6.15   Meters
icon   Weight 250000   Kilograms
icon   Packaging Container load packing, bundles, boxes, bags
icon   Delivery lead time one month
icon   Minimum order 1ha
icon   Supply ability 4ha per a month

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