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Anchovy Soup  [2014/12/16]
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Anchovy Soup

Anchovy Soup

Anchovy, Condiment, Sauce, Tea Bag Tea Bag Anchovy, Condiment, Natural Seasoning

This is a natural condiment made of anchovy, kelp from clean southern coast of Korea and shiitake (mushroom). This is packed in tea bag after sanitary processing. This is a condiment without any synthesized seasonings and the liquid of it has a rich, fresh, and light flavor.

  • The particle of anchovy was grinded into minute one in order that the liquid of it gets rich.
    This is packed by a unit of the amount for one person lest it be wasted.

How to Use

  • Boil 600cc(3 cups) of water with one tea bag for about 10 minutes and take out tea bag, and eat soup after adding all kinds of seasonings to it according to foods.
  • When cooking food with thick soup and strong flavor such as bean-paste stew and kimchi stew, use just anchovy soup powder after tearing tea bag.


  • Use this as anchovy soup of various noodles such as guksoo, woodong, sujebi and kalguksu.
  • Use this as a anchovy soup of various soups such as kimchi stew, jeongol.
  • Use this as an alternative to meat broth in cooking various foods.

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