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Canned Cheong Guk Jang(Sonswiun Cheong GukJang)  [2016/06/09]
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Canned Cheong Guk Jang(Sonswiun Cheong GukJang)

DUREBANG fermented soybeans, a sweet traditional Korean taste, loved by foreigners as well as Koreans!

(Ceong-Guk-Jang) Easy Canned Fermented Soybeans, and Raw Fermented Soybeans

Features of Canned Fermented Soybeans
*They are pre-seasoned.

  1. Cheong-Guk-Jang stew(soup) : Pour canned Cheong-Guk-Jang into the water 500CC and boil it for 5 minutes. And then you can have delicious Cheong-Guk-Jang stew. (For better taste, you may add leeks, pumpkins, unripe hot peppers, bean curds, etc.)
  2. Side dishes : You can use Cheong-Guk-Jang as side dishes.
  3. Spices and seasonings : You can use Cheong-Guk-Jang as spices and seasonings for various kinds of stew or soup.
  4. Cheong-Guk-Jang jam : You can use Cheong-Guk-Jang as jam and eat it with some bread.
Cheong-Guk-Jang Can or Easy Fermented Soybeans(Traditional Taste)_170g
Chong-Guk-Jang Can or Easy Fermented Soybeans(Mild Taste)_170g

Cheong-Guk-Jang Can or Features of Durebang's Easy Fermented Soybean in Cans

  1. Harmful bean paste bacteria were removed by sterilization, and some useful bacteria are preserved alive.
  2. They can be stored and distributed for a long time since they are provided in cans, and raw fermented soybeans can be exported.
  3. The smell of fermented soybeans can be prevented during distribution, and they are convenient to handle.
  4. As DUREBANG's fermented soybeans are fully seasoned, it is simple and easy to cook them.
  5. They can be used for fermented soybean stew, side dishes, complex seasoning blend, and jam for bread.
  6. They are a product developed in a way that foreigners can love Korean tastes.

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