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Misc. edible preps., Beverage

Misc. edible preps., Beverage
Sikhye Making  [2016/06/09]
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Sikhye Making

Anyone including kindergartners, and foreigners can make Shikhye easily. A solution to cold and leftover rice!!

Shikhye Making


  1. Young children of kindergarten can make Shikhye easily.
  2. It was made with troublesomeness and production know-how to make Shikhye.
  3. Just water and boiled rice in a electric rice cooker and wait for 8 hours, and enjoy Shikhye.
  4. A small amount of Shikhye can be made, using cold or leftover rice.
  5. No spoilage and color change during making Shikhye.
    (No ferment agent, preservative and food colors)
  6. It gives true taste of traditional Shikhye.
  7. You can experience the taste of Shikhye that your grandmothers made.

Technology & attestation

  1. Patent No. 0283690
  2. Hygienic Processing : Roots of and sprouts of malt are removed, and they are processed in a hygienic manner.
  3. Condensed fermenting effect processed not to lose the ferment in germs in processing.
  4. Product seasoned with traditional Shikhye taste.
  5. Teabag product for easy making.
Traditional Shikhye making
Green tea Shikhye making
Deokyong Shikhye making

How to Use

Items to Be Preparation : 2L of water, 2 bowls of boiled rice, 5 tea bags(1 pack) of Durebang Shikhye making

1. Put 2 bowls of boiled rice(cold rice possible) equivalent to around 400g, 2L of water(9 cups of water), and 5 tea bags of Shikhye making(120g) in a rice cooker.
2. Adjust the rice cooker to heat insulation and wait for around 8 hours.
(It is recommended to put them in late afternoon and to remove them in the morning next day as this is a process for fermentation)
3. If 2~3 grains of rice to the surface of the mixture in the rice cooker, it indicates the end of fermentation.
4. Adjust the rice cooker to cooking, or boil them using a gas range for about 1~2 minutes. After that, remove tea bags.
5. If you enjoy a sweet taste, add sweet materials such as sugar to the mixture to your taste.

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