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Delicately-Flavored Sesame Oil - 710ml (Whole Grain)  [2016/07/12]
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Delicately-Flavored Sesame Oil - 710ml (Whole Grain)

Delicately-Flavored Sesame Oil - 710ml (Whole Grain)

The best choice for gifts in various family ceremonies such as wedding, birthday party or traditional holidays. Enjoy your life with Durebang Sesame Oil.


  • With Durebang Sesame Oil, add flavor and taste to your cuisine.
  • Use Durebang Sesame Oil when you prepare meat or vegetables.
  • Enjoy bibimbap (boiled rice with assorted mixtures) with Durebang Sesame Oil.
  • Only high quality Sesame seeds are used for Durebang Sesame Oil.
  • Sesame is cleaned throughly, and then parched at optimal temperatures.
  • Since the traditional compressing method is used, Durebang Sesame Oil has its unique taste and flavor.
  • Sediments are removed as much as possible to remove bitterness and prevent degradation.

Composition and Effect of Sesame Oil

The main component of sesame oil, linolenic acid reduces cholesterol in our blood.
As it is not produced in our body, we should take linolenic acid regularly to prevent adult diseases.
Also, it is effective for headache, stomach ache and nervousness. Sesame is the oldest ingredient for edible oil and originated from India.

Currently, it is grown in China, India, Africa, South America, Central America, and Mexico. 50% of sesame is oil, which is mainly collected by compression. Since it contains oil, sesame gives strength and works well on constipation.

When it is taken with other medicine, it helps recovery from illness. "Sinnongbonchogyeong (New Principle of Agriculture) says, "Sesame is good for the body as it protects major organs and activate metabolism." And "Sikpyoboncho" (Book on Plants) says, "Sesame controls the function of stomach and bowels, helps blood circulation, adds nutrients to the skin, and prevent grey hair."

Origin of Sesame

Sesame is originated from Africa and India.
It is known that sesame has the longest history of cultivation.
It is not clear when sesame entered Korea.
As sesame was introduced to China around the Han era and Japan in AD 538, it came to Korea from China before Japan.

Source: Naver

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